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Coffee geek achievement. Now just to get it playing nice. 
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I love those little units.
Are you using the module to bypass the thermocouple?
Yes, the replaced the thermo couple for the unit, now just trying to work out the temp difference where the water hits the coffee. Trying to find the right temp is difficult too as coffee websites are full of douche bag opinions :)
You mean it's not 158 like all the Baristas say ;)
i can measure the temp, it's just working out what temperature the coffee needs to brew at, because that temp is quite different from temp at the heater. 
Do you have access to multiple multimeters that can read thermocouples?  Take one measurement at the heater and another in a sacrificial cup of coffee (or, better, a range of measurements as it heats up) so you can measure the heat loss from heater to coffee interior, maybe.
Not to mention My Duetto drops ten degrees just pulling a single shot:( wherever they have the sensor.
After tinkering for a bit, there's a 10°C average difference between the thermo block and the  group head. At best the coffee would have been brewing in the low 80's.  Got it up to about 93°C with a good tamping.
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