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Are there any known issues for the following scenario:
- parent page with GTM code on it loads iframe with the same GTM code on it.
Will the GTM code trigger tags for both instances?

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We are about to start an AB test that tries to answer the following question: which version generates higher revenue:
- showing cross selling options on the checkout page
- showing cross selling options on the order review page
- showing cross selling options on the Thank You for ordering page

Our dilemma is: how do we split the traffic:
- we split all the people that enter the checkout process in 3. This means that for variant 2 and 3, some people will never interact with them because they will abandon on the checkout
- we split the people that see the cross selling in 3, meaning that many more people that are supposed to see the 3rd and 2nd variants will enter the checkout

Would really appreciate your thoughts on this one. Do you have any experience with similar AB tests? What are the pitfalls?

Hi guys, in the dataLayer for enhanced ecommerce I see that currencyCode can be set per transaction.
Is it also supported per product? I have a client who often has products in different currencies in the same order.
Have you ever implemented anything like this?

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Co-father, love that term. :)
If you haven't seen Vint Cerf's interview on The Colbert Report.. you should definitely check it out, awesome (and funny) stuff. 

Part 1:
Part 2:

... What makes you think you're not in the matrix?
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No matter what email capturing tool you are using, always A/B test different campaign setups, this way you can find the middle ground between the subscription rate you want, and the way your visitors behave.
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One of our clients recently had a full audit, just to see if they fit the requirements necessary to be a service provider for a potential enterprise customer.

Here is what we learned on what web #apps can do to claim enterprise clients as their own.

Is anyone here from Australia?

We lost in October all the traffic from Australia through our backend did not show a decrease of orders. We assume we have a CDN problem in there with serving the web analytics scripts (Site Catalyst, not Google Analytics). 

If you are from Australia and can spare 2 or 3 minutes to ping a few links and tell us what you get, that would be a awesome.

We tried VPN and tunneling but our CDN system did not identify us as being from Australia so we are a bit stuck. Thank you.

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Errors are the most actionable metric out there. Why? Because the action is very clear: fix them!

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