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Peter Witham
Developer, Designer, Photographer, and Dreamer
Developer, Designer, Photographer, and Dreamer

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This service has been working great for me, I already owned a lot of the programs independent of Setapp. But I strongly recommend this to Mac users.

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These are the moments you carry a camera all the time for, no going back and getting this later! The light is everything, the moment is everything, nature only poses for fleeting moments. #photography #sunsets #fineart

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I am trying something new. I have created a Medium publication for anyone to share their Photo Moments. I don't intend it to make anything from it, just a project I wanted to do that others might be interested in taking part in.

A Photo Moment is an image with some text that helps either tell the story, or shares a thought.

My goal is to get more people using those cameras to create a place that both inspires and maybe informs others either now, or in the future of how life is today. Telling stories through images is a timeless art, let's keep it going.

Submit and read Photo Moments.

#photography #journal #medium #inspiration #art #social

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Great example on using Affinity Photo for RAW image work. #affinityphoto #photography

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Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate, we are starting the colors of the season in our house!

#thanksgiving   #food   #photography  

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Always carry a camera. Then when you have the urge to pull off the road and capture that moment, you can :)

#photography   #sunsetphotography   #sunsetlovers   #sunsetphotos  

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Great service for protecting your images on the Web, plus it can put you in contact with people who need photographers.

#photography   #licensing   #marketing  

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I am looking forward to this, always good to see more apps to choose from.

#photoediting   #photomanipulation  
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