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Brisbane web design, development & SEO services
Brisbane web design, development & SEO services

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Finally a working solution for Bootstrap 3 navbar nested dropdown submenus + hover + working parent links!
#bootstrap   #bootstrap3   #drupal7   #drupalwebdevelopment   #drupal

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Atrium 2 for Drupal 7 is out and not a second too early. Can't wait for stable release with case tracking functionality.
Hopefully case tracker will be a more robust in OA2 compared to previous version...

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I've seen it asked in Omega issue queue a number of times but, I've never seen a complete answer so here it is...

If you have any resources relating to Omega Theme either from your blog or elsewhere feel free to post theme here

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A brand new Omega base Theme for Drupal 7 community starting up. If you are using or, are interested in Omega Theme please come and join us.

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Brand new community for lovers of Omega Theme. Please join and share your experiences and ask questions.
#drupal   #drupalthemeing   #dupalthemes  

#seo   is 80% research and patience - The rest happens naturally...

The proof that Microsoft is doomed (because it sux)
1. 90% of all PC's in the world are shipped with Internet Explorer as default browser and yet only 30% continue to use that piece of garbage
2. Again 90% of all PC's in the world are shipped with Bing set as their default search engine and yet only 16.2% use Bing and 67% make a switch to Google
Ironic? Perhaps but well deserved...
#google   #microsoft   #apple  

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Ok this is the latest info regarding mobile friendly websites and search results directly from Google. The part directly relating to #mobilefriendlywebsites   #responsivewebdesign   is around 0:38 min

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Here is an interesting post on perceived and the real value of SEO
  #searchengineoptimization   #seo   #google   #searchenginemarketing   #searchengines  
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