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Ann Tracy Mueller
Editor and communicator seeking next opportunity: Blogger/Independent Researcher, Lincoln Buff 2/Musings on Route 66
Editor and communicator seeking next opportunity: Blogger/Independent Researcher, Lincoln Buff 2/Musings on Route 66

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I'm pleased to announce I'm now working as an editorial coordinator for Agri-Pulse Communications, the most trusted farm and rural policy source in Washington, D.C. 

Agri-Pulse provides a balanced perspective on a wide variety of issues including the farm bill, nutrition, trade, food safety, environment, biotechnology, organic, conservation and crop insurance.

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It's my last day as co-editor of +Health Care Communication News .  In my farewell post, I had fun recapping some of the topics I've written about in the last two-and-a-half-years. #hcsm

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In July, 72-year-old Hellen Cook, who suffered with Alzheimer's, walked away from her home near Warsaw, Mo. The search for her lasted nearly a month. Learn what needs to change in the search for missing Alzheimer's wanderers and how her family is working toward that goal.

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This makes me want to say "Groovy!"

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Almost 30 years after this high school athlete's death, his message still resonates and is worth passing on.

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As the fall harvest season begins, learn why farm safety tips are on the top of my list of "must-shares."

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What quotes inspire you? Here are some of my favorites.

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Hellen Cook is a 72-year-old retired Missouri nurse administrator, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. While her husband was putting the mower away at the family’s vacation getaway on July 13, Cook, an avid walker, took off on foot. She’s still missing.

Bloodhounds lost Hellen’s scent at 7 Highway near the Warsaw, Mo. home. Local law enforcement backed away from the search shortly after it began, thinking someone had given Cook a ride.

The family believed Cook may have planned to walk to the family’s permanent residence near Buckner, Mo., about 100 miles away. For almost two weeks, they’ve spearheaded an awareness campaign, search and social media efforts on their own.

Over the past few days, although the trail for Cook is still cold, the efforts to find her and spread awareness about Alzheimer’s are growing.

Earlier this week, Kansas State Senator Greg Smith and his wife Missy, parents of a daughter who was abducted and murdered in 2007, joined in the efforts to share the word about the missing woman. The Alzheimer's Association - Heart of America Chapter also included Cook’s plight in a conference on Sunday about the ravages of the disease.

The family is using this Facebook page to share Cook’s story and the search efforts: Find Missing Alzheimer’s Woman: Hellen Cook/Helen Cook.

Here’s a fact sheet:
* Hellen Cook is 72 years old, less than five feet tall, weighs about 97 pounds and suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.
* Cook has been without the medication for her Alzheimer’s since the morning she disappeared and may be confused or disoriented. She may not recognize her married name or her maiden name, Hellen Cox. She may however remember this quip she often uses when introducing herself: “My name’s Hellen, spelled with 2 L’s. Please don’t shorten it.” This joke can bring a smile to her face.
* She’s an avid walker, regularly walking briskly seven miles per day—and, when she forgets, sometimes walks that distance two or three times.
* Cook was last seen on Saturday morning, July 13, at the family’s vacation home near Warsaw, Mo. and Truman Lake. While Howard Cook, her husband of 51 years, was putting the mower away, Hellen walked off, apparently climbed over a gate, and has not been seen since.
* The family thought she might be on her way to the permanent residence near Buckner, Mo., about 100 miles away or to Blue Springs, where they attend church.
* Though the family has had tips of possible sightings, Cook is still missing.
* Today, Thursday, July 25, two significant efforts are underway:
--- A man-to-man search near Warsaw, Mo.
--- A social media campaign to spread awareness nationwide, in case Cook did indeed accept a ride from someone and is somewhere outside of Missouri.
*  If you have seen Hellen Cook since she left her Warsaw home on July 13, call 911 or Benton County (Mo.) Sheriff’s Department at 660-438-9555.
*  This is the latest flyer, with Hellen’s photo.

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In Warsaw, Mo. today, a man-to-man search begins today for Hellen CHook, a 72-year-old retired nurse suffering from Alzheimer's who has been missing almost two weeks. Family, friends and strangers will gather near Truman Dam to begin an intense search.

The family asks your help, though, no matter where you are.

Please share the Facebook page and use traditional and social media to spread the word about the hunt for Cook.

Bloodhounds lost her scent at 7 Highway, a short distance from her home, so it's possible she got into a vehicle. If so, she could be anywhere.

The family asks your support. Wear purple today to spread awareness of Alzheimer's and pull out all the stops to get Hellen Cook's photo and story in front of people across the  nation.

Learn more here:
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