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Aviv Beeri
A computer, minecraft, D&D and Magic: The Gathering geek!
A computer, minecraft, D&D and Magic: The Gathering geek!


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So my girlfriend made me this awesome unofficial #ingress #resistance T-shirt for my birthday!
Ingress Resistance T-Shirt
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Hi there, names Aviv.
I'm a now-to-be third year undergraduate computing student, and I'm currently working with JavaScript and Node.js to improve my second year webapps project, a simple group project management tool.

Hoping to work on something else as ideas come to me, but I'm spending time learning skills atm. :)

Nice to meet you all!

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#ingress #ingressMOD So I'm a terrible artist, but ever since seeing the Heat Sink MOD this is all I could think of about how it looked. I managed to miss almost all the currently released codes for the new MODs, due to my deadlines, which makes me sad :(

So I have a question (as a fairly new L2 player): Is it better to hold onto keys or use them to make links? Keeping a key lets you recharge and defend a portal remotely, which is useful, but fields are important too. Thoughts?

Ahoy there! You'll find me about as slymai, mostly in the hammersmith and kensington areas! I hope I can be a helpful agent :)
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