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Current Favourites For October and November
Long time no post! The past week and a bit has been filled with lots of ups and downs. As you know I was going to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party a week ago (which I went to), but that was also the day my Dad managed to fall and break his rib, so the past wee...

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OOTN: Glitter Fantastic
In today's post, I thought I would share with you the outfit that I am wearing tonight to my friend's birthday evening. We are going to a murder mystery dinner at a local art deco style hotel, where actors perform whilst we enjoy a three course meal. The th...

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Massive DVD Haul
Mid week post can you believe it! If you have been following my "My Week" post, you will know that this haul was suppose to go up a few weeks. Post dilemmas were to blame, but I can thankfully say that I finally have my complete order. I ordered all my dvds...

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My Week #4 - Continuing Colds, Superheroes Assemble and Exciting Events
Hello Saturday! I am so glad that it is finally Saturday - this week work wise had been a bit hit and miss with good days and days. But now I am off for one whole glorious week and I have a lot of good things planned, one of which I'll tell you about next F...

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My Week #3 - Presents, Post Dilemmas Part 2 and Colds
Good morning everyone. This week can be described in one word - crap! To be fair, it started off really well but by mid week it went down hill! I'm sorry I didn't post mid week, but I explained on twitter why, but you can read more about it below. I'm hopin...

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My Week #2 - Baking, Post Dilemmas and Tiregate
Good afternoon everyone! In summarising this week - it has actually not been bad but my God did it fly by! It doesn't seem long ago I was writing about my previous week and here I am writing about a whole new one. My plan for a mid week DVD haul fell throug...

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My Week #1 - Dentist and Internet Nightmares
Hello everyone! Another week has gone by with no post from me. To be honest, I haven't had that much to actually talk about, what with being at work - not a lot is happening. However, I always really like writing my weekend post, so I am trying something ne...

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My Week With Bridget Jones and Elle Woods
It's October! You are probably going to hear everyone say that today, but it's really true! This time one month ago, I was getting ready to start my new job - now it feels like I have been there forever. September was a great month and I am really enjoying ...

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Current Favourites for September
I feel like September has had a lot of apologies from me where this blog in concerned, but I hope you can bare with me as I get use to my new work routine and also try not to pick up every thing going. I am on my second cold in the space of 3 weeks and this...

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Trailing New Skincare - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
This weekend, when I took myself off for a trip to town, I went with notion of buying some new skin care. I think skin has a great way of telling you when your skincare might need a bit of a mix up and mine was telling me this through the way my make-up was...
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