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An European Campus Experience in Shanghai
An European Campus Experience in Shanghai

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Salford Business School wins THE Business School of the Year award

Salford Business School won the Business School of the Year title at the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards on Thursday 27 November in recognition of its sector-leading work in supporting small and medium-sized businesses and offering students innovative industry experiences.

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Research Publication by Dr Raymond J. Ro at SBC

Dr Raymond J. Ro, Lecturer of the School of Engineering, recently had his research paper published in the peer-review journal Molecular Imaging highlighting the breadth of molecular imaging research from basic science to preclinical studies to human applications. The journal is sponsored by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), with over 50 years history, is headquartered in Reston, Va., and has 13 state/regional chapters located throughout the United States and Canada.

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Fuxing Reading Festival to Celebration Centennial of the Sino-British Library

On the afternoon of Dec.5, 2014, the Fuxing Reading Festival was held at the Sino-British College, USST to celebrate centennial of the library as a famous historical building in the history of international education. Jiang Jiang, deputy director of Housing Authorities of Xuhui district and expert of historic building, Gu Bin, general manager of Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore, Wang Hongguang, Director of USST library, Yang Zuoping, USST Archive Director, Liu Bin, Secretary of Joint General Party Branch, Fuxing Campus, and Gordon Gallan, Director of Teaching and Learning at SBC were all in attendance atthe festival. Directors of other departments at SBC, foreign teacher representatives and student representatives also joined this festival.

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Manchester Metropolitan University Alumni Event at SBC

On Nov. 11, the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Alumni Event was held by the SBC Learning Resources Project Team in Room 203 of the SBC library. Three outstanding MMU graduates (Diane Yao, Pauline and Denis Tang) were invited to participate in the event and share their stories of success with SBC students.
MMU is one of the SBC’s UK partner universities. It offers courses and qualifications in a range of subject areas, and is located in Manchester – one of the best and largest student-focused cities in Europe. The University is committed to providing a world-class learning experience.

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50 students from Manchester Metropolitan University visit SBC

On 28th November, a group of students from the Department of Apparel at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) visited the Sino-British College (SBC) during their field trip to Shanghai. The students were accompanied by five senior members of staff from MMU, including Caroline Herz, Faculty Curriculum Co-ordinator & Principal Lecturer in Fashion and Carly Wraeg-Cardew, Programme Leader International Fashion Promotion & Senior Lecturer.
The visiting students are all students in the final year programme in Fashion in the Hollings Faculty at MMU. The city of Shanghai is one of the highlights in their international studies and so was chosen as an ideal destination for their study trip.
The purpose of the one-week visit was for the students to experience the fashion and clothing industry from an international perspective with visits to suppliers and hub offices of global retailers while experiencing culture and looking at the fashion economy through different levels of the market.
The students and staff from MMU were met by the SBC Events Management team at a tea reception in the campus English Tearoom. Gordon Callan, Director of Teaching and Learning, extended his warm welcome to the visitors on behalf of the College. Following the brief introduction on the recent development of SBC given by Gordon, Tony Ryan, Head of Events Management also introduced his team and the Events Management programme currently being delivered at SBC.
Gordon Callan said: “We always welcome students and staff from our UK partner universities to visit the SBC campus, and I do believe that this kind of visit will be helpful to students in both countries, especially for developing cultural awareness while improving specialist skills in the subject that they are studying.”

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SBC students and staff show artistic talent in the college photo contest 2014

Organised by the SBC PR Department with sponsorship offered by Shanghai Culture Square, the SBC Photo Contest 2014 was held successfully from the 8th to the 31st of October. Titled “Put Your Lens on Shanghai”, the contest this year aimed to depict the city we live in as to its culture, tradition, people and the rapid urban development.
SBC students and staff were encouraged to demonstrate their views on Shanghai by sharing a particular moment that they had captured on their cameras or mobile devices. During the three-week competition, more than 50 pieces of photographic work were received, the majority of which were contributed by those students with special talent in photography.
The panel of judges included two professional photographers, Head of PR and the Head of Student  Photography Society. In addition, Kristi Reed, Advisor to the Student Arts Societies was also invited to given comments on the works.

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SBC Initiates Careers Training in Key High School

With Zhejiang province and Shanghai becoming pilot areas for the newly reformed Gaokao system, how to encourage the development of each individual student in this new context has evoked plenty of consideration and discussions. Recently, the Sino-British College, USST has initiated a conversation with the affiliated High School to Hangzhou Normal University (HSDFZ) to address this. From 11th to 20th November 2014, SBC brought its featured careers training into HSDFZ and presented a series of training sessions to its year-one students. 

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SBC Staff Team Enjoy Sporting Success in Shanghai
The SBC staff football team has just achieved their best ever result, finishing 4th out of 24 teams in the Shanghai British Chamber of Commerce tournament.  The tournament took place over 2 weekends, with the top teams from the first weekend qualifying for the second ‘Champions League’ tournament this October.
The team made it through to Sunday’s semi- final despite having probably the fewest staff members to pick from and being among the most, how should I put it ? ‘Mature’ teams in the tournament. In fact the squad was so short of players that 2 of the younger members of the SBC family helped to fill in key positions, future engineers Tugrul and Baines, who both had man of the match performances.

Overall, it was inspiring to see everyone combining so well on a great, family day out in the blazing sunshine. There were some particularly notable contributions from Economics teacher Hyacinthe Onillion, who was the only female player in the tournament, the Head of Math’s Russell Pellegrini proving that Americans can play ‘soccer’ and not forgetting Business teacher Ben Griffith’s goal from the half way line! Last but not least the winning penalty in the quarter final shoot out, which was calmly scored by the Head of the International Office, Chris Bayley.
The day was topped off by the team winning the Team Spirit award due to their fair play and positive attitude to the sport and gender politics.

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SBC First Cohort Students of Sheffield Program in UK

It has been a year already for the first cohort of SBC students studying Business Management at The University of Sheffield.  We believe many people want to know about their study life in UK. Fortunately, we were able to get in touch with one of them, Liu Liping a couple of weeks ago. She gave us much information about her study life at The University of Sheffield.

She said that at The University of Sheffield, their lecturers are from all over the world and senior academics in related research areas. Students in Sheffield have the opportunity to learn from professionals in various business sectors through guest lectures. The Library provides abundant learning resources like books, videos, digital databases etc.
The most challenging part of her study in Sheffield is being taught using real business cases which really improve students’ critical analyzing, creative thinking and problem solving abilities. And their module in Operations and Supply Chain Management is the best example for case studies in Sheffield. The module is run in association with Rolls-Royce.
Liu Liping mentioned Rolls-Royce Business Game particularly in the module which is an integrated case-study and business/simulation game sponsored by Rolls-Royce and is used as the basis for a group project, with a prize awarded by the company’s executives to the best group. Liu Liping with her team received the Rolls-Royce Academic Award of Excellence based their performance in the game. Only four of fifty groups were given awards. Liu said that through the game she had the opportunity to work with group members from four countries, UK, Indonesia, Vietnam and Romania. She also learned how to deal with problems in a real business context.

In August 2010, the Chinese Ministry of Education gave approval to the University of Sheffield to deliver their Business Management degree at the Sino-British College. The business management is a four-year, full-time major. After two years’ study in the SBC, students can head to the University of Sheffield in the UK to study for one or two years. Upon completion of the degree, the SBC students will be awarded a BA in Business Management from the University of Sheffield.
Andy Richie, SBC Business Management lecturer, who is responsible for running of the University of Sheffield programme, said, “It is a privilege to work closely with professors from a world ranked university like Sheffield. Already we have had several video conferences with the Business Management team in Sheffield and this can only help our staff to bring the best of UK educational experiences to our students here in SBC. The fact that out of 50 groups participating in the Rolls-Royce Academic Award for Excellence, two of the four prizes awarded went to groups of students from SBC is a source of great pride and confidence in the quality and future of the programme.”

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SBC Students in Split Degree Programs Put in a Great Performance in Advancing Further at UK Partner Universities
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