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Helping people be more awesome online
Helping people be more awesome online

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Sitting outside in the evening is probably my favourite thing about the warm weather. Maybe the only thing that gets me through.

Despite it's flaws, of which there are oh so many, I still believe Alien: Resurrection is better than Alien 3.

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Trying to work some meditation into your day? I recommend this video of colour being mixed into silicone

Between yesterday's conference and the cottage weekend I feel behind on life, news, friends, everything. What'd I miss? Highlights only.

Well I've had a busy, stressful day and watching the season finale of Riverdale DID NOT make it any better!!!!!!

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Recently we were joking that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the Sean Bean of television. Uh, Spoiler Alert, I guess

Broiling while working is not recommended. Now I've burned, and then water soaked my dinner. Sigh, now what to eat?

I had too much weekend this weekend. Again

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What are you doing this Saturday morning? Maybe you want to listen to my podcast about books and movies and stuff.

It is just the nicest kind of rain out there right now. The kind I really like going out in, without the umbrella.
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