LOD Cloud Analytics for Entities of Type: Book

A sampling of the kind of Big Data oriented analytics facilitated by entity relationship model based structured data that's been enhanced via incorporation of the following:

1. HTTP based Hyperlinks (URIs or URLs) as an unambiguous denotation mechanism for entities and entity relationship predicates.
2. RDF as data model that adds explicit machine and human understandable (copmrehensible) semantics to entity relationship model based structured data.

Where's the Big Data angle here?

The LOD Cloud Cache instance used to produce these demos is a massive live RDF Database instance (OpenLink Virtuoso) hosting 50+ Billion records. This instance is available to anyone to explore via its faceted browser interface or SPARQL query endpoint. Specifically, this Big Data analytics oriented demonstration hones into data from the WorldCat dataset. 


1. Books by Topic -- http://bit.ly/136ucKw .
2. Books by Awards -- http://bit.ly/UJ9mxI .
3. Books by Copyright Year -- http://bit.ly/VF29fT
4. Books by Language -- http://bit.ly/S76QmO .
5. Books by Format -- http://bit.ly/ZXEG0I
6. Books by Genre -- http://bit.ly/W7khxU .


1. Entity Oriented Analytics scoped to LinkedIn Job Postings -- http://bit.ly/VAgjlx .

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