When you search on the pattern: van gogh , via Google Search, do you get the effects of the new Knowledge Graph feature? Either way, respond to this or related threads.

This Google Drive Folder holders screenshots showing different results: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0ByhbIyhlsQSxWk9LOWhDbnNXUnc .

At the current time, I postulate that this is an example of profile driven analytics in action.

Note, there's nothing wrong with profiling (in this context) since that's good old graph analytics en route to constructing what Google sees as an optimal bootstrap and rollout path. Note for instance, this time around they didn't take the Hollywood celebs route, instead (my theory for now) they've honed into journalists, analysts, bloggers and other profiles that a promotion oriented etc..

Anyway, data will ultimately prove my theory right or wrong :-)

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