Using Social Relationship Semantics & WebID to Drive Resource Access Control

In an earlier post [1],  I used my personal ODrive (or ODS-Briefcase) to mount and WebID ACL protect 3rd party storage services/drives such as; Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft's Skydrive.

In this next iteration of the series, I up the ante by using social relationship semantics to control access to resources from my personal data space. For this exercise, I have an ACL rule that requires you to prove (via WebID protocol and a Linked Data based profile resource) that you have a WebID that's in a knows relation with mine. 

Note: a WebID is a cryptographically verifiable de-referencable URI that denotes (names) agents (humans, organizations, machines). Authentication is handled by the WebID authentication protocol. 

The relationship expressed in your profile should be one of the  following:

<YourWebID> foaf:knows <>


<YourWebID> foaf:knows <>

Actual shared resource URLs to which this kind of WebID ACL protection applies:

1. <> -- visible to WebIDs in foaf:knows relationships where <> is the object

2. <> -- visible to WebIDs in foaf:knows relationships where <> is the object. 

Let me know how you get on via response to this post.


1. -- WebID ACL and 3rd party storage services post .

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