An Even Simpler Linked Data Deployment Template

In looking at the Turtle example in my earlier post, combined with some feedback, I think my initial example was a little verbose. Thus, here is a much simpler Turtle based Linked Data deployment (for DropBox or Amazon S3 in particular) template:

## Don't touch any of this
@prefix owl:  <> .
@prefix foaf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix wdrs: <> .
@prefix opl: <> .
@prefix cert: <> .

## Who Are You?
## Simply replace the {} placeholders with actual values.

:this foaf:name "{enter-your-firstname-and-lastname-here}" .
:this foaf:firstName "{enter-first-name}" .
:this foaf:familyName "{enter-last-name}" .
:this foaf:nick "{enter-nick-name}" .

## Some Web Pages You Have Already
## leave the "<" and ">" untouched when replacing the {} with Web Resource URLs

:this foaf:page <{Twitter-Home-Page-URL}> .
:this foaf:page <{Facebook-Home-Page-URL}> .
:this foaf:page <{G+-Home-Page-URL}> .
:this foaf:page <{LinkedIn-Home-Page-URL}> .
:this foaf:page <{Personal-Blog-Home-Page-URL}> .

## What Have You Made & Published? 

:this foaf:made <{URL-of-a-Web-Resource-Created-By-You}> .

## Done ## 


1.  -- W3C Turtle Syntax Spec

2. -- TimBL's AWWW & W3C standards oriented Linked Data meme

3. -- Detailed DIY Linked Data Deployment using Turtle and a variety of storage services (Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive,, Microsoft Skydrive, and ODS-Briefcase)

4. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount Google Drive hosted resources

5. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount hosted resources

6. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount DropBox hosted resources

7. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount Microsoft SkyDrive hosted resources

8. -- using ODS-Briefcase (ODrive) to mount Amazon S3 bucket hosted resources .


1. -- DIY-style Linked Data deployment via Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box.NET, and Amazon S3 buckets

3. - Creating and controlling your own verifiable digital identity, at Web-Scale via a simple Turtle document using the WebID authentication protocol . 

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