LOD Cloud Analytics: LinkedIn Job Postings Snapshot

Here's a collection of links to pages showcasing the power of Entity Oriented Analytics via the Linked Open Data Cloud:

1. http://bit.ly/XrIMNe -- Job Postings by Experience Level
2. http://bit.ly/138phIX -- Job Postings by Industry
3. http://bit.ly/VnMzWK -- Job Postings by Type/Kind
4. http://bit.ly/XrKqyh -- Job Postings by Function. 

In addition, here's a collection of links to pages that provide analytics scoped to entities of type: Person:

1. http://bit.ly/118g4lo -- URIBurner (note: changing the host part of the URL gets you the same report scoped to a different data source)
2. http://bit.ly/UB7xWi -- My Personal data space variant of the above by altering the host part of the initial query URL. 


1. http://bit.ly/UqyqZa -- LOD Cloud Entity Analytics scoped to Books. 

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