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Got Bill Simmons Book of Basketball for Xmas and he has like 20 pages on y Russell was better than Wilt

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Celtics 93, Brooklyn 76.
Merry Xmas


im taking predictions right now for the ncaa final four. Put ur champion in bold, ur title game teams in capital letters, and the rest of the final four teams in lowercase.

ive always hoped tht there was a sarcastic font so from now on this ~blabla~ means sarcastic... +1 if u will use this

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nash and kobe, sitting in a tree, w i n n i n g...

does anybody know Y both the Euro 2012 games r airing @ the same time?

who agrees tht the new brooklyn nets logo is amazing... i was thinking of buying a hat when i was in new york/Users/donovanhome/Desktop/Unknown.jpeg

The Red Sox are coming back! Happy Mother's Day!
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