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Kickboxing Moves – A Recap of the basics
Kickboxing is full body calorie burning workout system that uses a combinatsion of punches
, kicks, twists, balance, and lots of core muscles. There are many forms of
kickboxing type Martial Arts in the world and you may hear things like
“Kickboxing is famo...

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Re-Thinking Bicep Curls and Consideration on Working The Biceps Brachii
Quick Brief Summary of Biceps and What They Do Inside the gym you will see a lot of people working out
their arms and one of the main workouts I see is bicep curls.     This is a good workout but for those people,
who are looking to get bigger arms or more ...

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Nothing to different or new - but good times surviving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Great classes this week, especially today.  Today was one of the first days were I noticed things are starting to sink in.  I also found that although I'm still gassing out because my cardio is poop.  I was however not getting light headed or feeling like I...

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Next BJJ class - The Judo throw over the shoulder and Triangle choke & its defense
What a great class today.  Was all about the judo throw when starting in stand up and two different ways to get out of an triangle choke.   The two we learned today was when you are in a bad situation and your sparring partner has the hooks in deep and you ...

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Apple after BJJ Training - Good or Placebo?
I don't know much about nutrition in regards to eating after a bjj workout.  But after last training day I felt weak and a little light headed.  So this time I made sure to drink more water throughout the day and to bring an apple with me to eat after I was...

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BJJ Rear naked Choke and how to defend against it
Good class today.  At the end for the open spar session I got really light headed but it was amazing.  I was first sparring against a guy who was easily 80 pounds more than myself.  The main lesson we practiced today was the rear naked choke and of course h...

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Cucumber Salmon Rolls Recipe Made Easy
See below for a Tasty recipe with cucumber and salmon with a bit of mustard. Easy to prepare and high in Omega 3. I love fish and salmon is definitely one of my favorites. Like most
fish, salmon is high in Omega 3. Thanks to by brother in law for making

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Writing For Hubpages and My Journey On Trying To Make Money
Hubpages So Far  So far my experience
with Hubpages has been good. I'm not making big leaps in revenue, but
then again, I never I thought I would. I am however slowly making some
money and I have to admit I was rather surprised and happy when I earned

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What is Cardio? What is Aerobic?
Aerobic activity is when your body begins to expend a little more energy than at resting state.  Aerobic activity is done through low intensity type exercises and allows your body to utilize oxygen and recovery oxygen.   Some things to keep in mind: Aerobic...
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