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Oh,no!!! My battery is flat!!
Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology, this technology must be fed
with electricity so scientists must invent batteries to store the
electricity. Now, let's talk about usual problems that we have with
batteries. The small technological devices usuall...

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Mass tourism can kill our cities
Nowadays, Spain is one of the three most visited countries in the world.
Millions of tourists come here and enjoy their holidays, either in
winter, in summer, in spring or in autumn. Spain has become one of the
most touristically attractive places to vis...

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Do you consider yourself an honest person or...?
Since we were kids our parents, uncles, aunts, family in general told us
that we must always tell the truth. We have been educated not to lie.
However, when we grow we realize that it is not always convenient to
tell the truth and it's better to tell a l...

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Laughing or not laughing? That is the question.
The action of laughing is something natural and normal for humans. We
don't know exactly why we laugh, but most times it isn't produced by a
joke, it's a reflex act that we do unconsciously. Moreover, we are very
lucky because it's free and it doesn't ma...

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Looking at the sky expecting some rain, but when??
When will it rain? Are you expecting some rain? The current situation of
Europe is becoming more serious than we thought. Summer has just
finished and Autumn has started, and it hasn't rained yet. According to
experts, 2016 had broken the record for the ...

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Hairstyles and changing your mind
Do you care much for your hair? It is like your little baby? Nowadays,
people have different styles and forms of getting dressed, getting their
hair styled.... Sometimes, the way people are combed tells us a lot
about him or her. If you see a person with...

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False impressions
Do you trust first impressions? Do
you think the first impressions you have of a person when you first
meet him/her are important? or are they just a mask to hide his or her
real personality? Here is the key question. First, I'm going to talk
about how ...

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Who are healthier, adults or teenagers?
Today, most people are worried
about their bodies and about what people say about them. For this
reason, many adults do exercise everyday and try to have a healthy
lifestyle. all teenagers become healthy adults when they grow
up? Recent studies...

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This is not life, but HELL!!!
Summer holidays finished a month
ago and we've already started the school year. All those positive
feelings we had about the new school year have disappeared and there are
people who are already tired of bachillerato and it's only the
beginning! The fir...

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Teachers are unbeatable!!!
Nowadays, the advance of
technology is changing our lives at an incredible pace. In this old post
Albert put in his blog, they ask us if computers could replace real
teachers at schools and they ask for what things machines can't do,
let's talk about th...
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