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Alexander Macris
Designer, ACKS, Domains at War, Modern Spearhead.
Designer, ACKS, Domains at War, Modern Spearhead.

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Friends! The Mixed GM has recently posted his delightful ACKS convention adventure, Tomb of the Mad Jarl, for your use. Be sure to check it out! It has great rules for using ACKS in a Viking-style setting, epic penguins, and more (I shan't spoil the surprise).

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In the northern realms of the Auran Empire, faeries – the Fair Folk – dwell, including pixies, sprites, brownies, spriggans, redcaps, knockers, piskies, and nixies. Some are helpful, some mischievous, others dangerous, and all are mercurial. Nymphs inhabit the southern realms of Nicea, Tirenea, and Krysea, the dryads, naiads, oreads, and satyrs that embody raw aspects of nature. In Opelenea and Shebatea, the elemental genies may be found, djinn, efreet, dao, and marid.

Today's Axioms update details those entities noted above but not yet featured in ACKS Core or Lairs & Encounters.

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Check out some amazing art by illustrator Michael Syrigos for our upcoming Secrets of the Nethercity adventure. All art was custom-made for our backers. Thank you for making this possible!

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For Halloween I created a one-page story game called Texas Chainsaw Cabin in the Woods of the Living Dead. It's PWYW and available on DTRPG at the link below.

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A new trio of macabre character classes created by Omer Joel has just been released on on the Autarch Patreon! Happy Halloween.

ACKS Player's Companion will be the Deal of the Day tomorrow on DriveThruRPG. I imagine most of you already have a copy of it, but if not, now's the time! And if you know anyone who needs a copy, please let them know.

I'm pleased to announce that Autarch has published its first work of fiction. The book is called "Tears from Iron" and it's the start of a new military fantasy epic.

Tears from Iron is written by a former US Army captain and military historian named Jonathan Oldenburg who was a West Point classmate of me and my Nethercity co-author Newton Grant. It's a tale of war, rebellion, redemption, sacrifice, and sorcery.

The book is available for free on Kindle Unlimited. I hope you will check it out and leave a review. Autarch also has the rights to the tabletop adaptation so if the setting proves popular there will be game content for it. It was written with the ACKS demographic and military assumptions at hand to ensure compatibility.

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I think ACKS fans will be interested in this Kickstarter for this documentary.

The author of this book is an ACKS fan and there's a plug for the game in the book. And, really, could any book be more ACKSy than "Barbarian Emperor"?

With G+ days numbered, I've gone ahead and created an ACKS Facebook group for the communities' use. It's a closed group, linked below. I hope you'll join us there.
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