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Acta Marine is a worldwide market leader in the operation of coastal and shallow draft workboats.
Acta Marine is a worldwide market leader in the operation of coastal and shallow draft workboats.

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Coastal Rambler – our workhorse in the Middle East.

Coastal Rambler, one of Acta Marine’s Shoalbusters, has recently wrapped up another contract in the Middle East. The 26-metre vessel was supporting the construction of the Dubai’s Diera Island. The primary scope of work was handling barges loaded with the rocks that form the basis of the artificial island structure. Considering the dimensions of these barges – up to 10,000 DWT – Coastal Rambler can rightly be called a ‘workhorse’.

“As with all our contracts, safety played a vital role in the execution of this project,” says Acta Marine’s Rob Meijer. “The considerable experience of Coastal Rambler’s crew, having supported numerous similar projects in the region, yields real benefits on projects such as this.”

Deira Island is a group of artificial islands that are currently under construction in Dubai (UAE). It forms part of Dubai’s larger scope of land reclamation works that also include Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. After the Diera Island project, Coastal Rambler headed directly to Abu Dhabi to start her next contract.

If you are interested in finding out about how our Shoalbusters (or any other vessel in the Acta Marine fleet) can support your maritime project, then please get in touch with us. We would be happy to give you more information.

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Coastal Chariot – Fourth continent in three years.

Coastal Chariot is currently en route to a new project in Egypt. Although this 37-metre long vessel only joined the fleet as a new-build a few years ago, she has definitely earned her stripes in that short period of time.

Vessel and crew have successfully completed a variety of jobs that include anchor handling, DP Vibrocore support, DP ROV Support, towing, DP grouting support and, last but not least, dredging support jobs all around the world.

Wherever she has worked – that’s in four continents in just three years – Coastal Chariot has called on her considerable versatility to get the job done. You can see her shallow water capabilities, for example, in this photo where she is serving as a dive support platform for a near-shore oil & gas project. And her recently upgraded accommodation has space for up to six clients or contractors.


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Port infrastructure project for Coastal Warrior.

Coastal Warrior, one of Acta Marine’s Multicats, has kicked off a jetty extension project in the port of Kamsar, Guinee. A number of jack-up barges will be performing offshore construction works for the project and the 22-metre long Coastal Warrior will be supporting these vessels in their duties.

The project addresses Guinee’s growing mineral industry. As one of the world’s largest bauxite exporters, the country requires effective port infrastructure in order to receive and handle mineral bulk carriers.

Coastal Warrior is just one of several vessels that are jointly managed by Acta Marine and Alma Shipping. For the last five years, the two companies have been working closely together in West Africa, successfully concluding various projects in more than half a dozen countries in the region.

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Coastal Chariot’s best assets
Look at this photo of Coastal Chariot preparing for a fibre optic cable lay project in shallow waters off the coast of Scotland. You can really see some of this Multicat’s best assets: her professional crew and two hydraulic deck cranes, for example. And then there is the 185 m² of free deck space, which was more than enough for all the cable reel and cable installation equipment that was needed.
“We cooperated closely with the client to finalise the deck layouts and mobilisation plan. This lead to the subsequent smooth running and timely completion of the project,” commented Acta Marine Project Manager Sinclair McWilliam.
What the photo doesn’t show is Coastal Chariot’s shallow draft capabilities; able to perform DP1 operations in waters 1.85 metres deep. This makes her ideal for taking on a wide variety of tasks. Projects like Offshore Wind support, dredging activities, buoy or anchor handling, dive and ROV support or geotechnical survey contracts to name a few.
For more information about Chariot:


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Ulstein Verft AS has signed a contract for the building of a DP2 Construction Support Vessel (CSV) for the Netherlands based Acta Marine B.V. The vessel is primarily aimed at the offshore wind market and carries the new SX195 design from Ulstein Design & Solutions AS.

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Long-term contract for shallow draft workboat.
Acta Marine’s Coastal Explorer has been contracted for a long-term assignment at the German Wadden Sea island of Neuwerk. The vessel will perform logistical and nautical support for the local port authority.
Coastal Explorer has a draft of just 90 centimetres, making her ideally suited to duties in the shallow waters of the north German coast (which fall dry every low tide).
In preparation for the project, Acta Marine has reflagged the 25-metre long Multipurpose Workboat & Survey Vessel with a German Flag. Neuwerk is located 13 km northwest of Cuxhaven.
For more information about Coastal Explorer:

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Acta Marine Wind Services to manage own CTV fleet.
From 1 January 2017 Acta Marine Wind Services will handle all management tasks relating to its CTV fleet. The new arrangement represents a transfer of duties from Workships Contractors, who have conducted vessel management in recent years. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Workships Contractors team for their valued support over the past years,” says Acta Marine Wind Services Team Managing Director Rob Boer. “We wish them good luck with their future endeavours.”
From the New Year onwards, Acta Marine Wind Services will perform all management tasks relating to the CTV fleet from its Rotterdam office. “Our team in Rotterdam has grown to nine office staff over the past two years. They will now handle the commercial, crew and operational management of all our Crew Transfer Vessels working in the Offshore Wind sector,” continues Mr Boer. “All other vessel support, such as ICT and Procurement, will be delivered by our dedicated office staff in Den Helder.”
Acta Marine Wind Services’ in-house CTV management will deliver one-stop-shop offshore wind crew transfer services. “This will lead to more direct, and so more efficient, lines of communication with our customers.”

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West African O&G project calls for Dive Support Vessel.
Acta Marine has been awarded a long-term contract off the coast of Democratic Republic of the Congo with an existing client. In response to the client’s requirements, Acta Marine is collaborating with Rotterdam-based MPR Marine ( to offer a multipurpose vessel to carry out the contract.
The vessel is question is the 38-metre long Multicat MPR2. Working as a Dive Support Vessel, the MPR2 will provide support to a team of divers performing maintenance and repair works on a near-shore oil and gas platform. Because of the strong currents in the area, the vessel’s 4-point mooring configuration will be a valuable asset. Furthermore, the MPR2’s air-conditioned accommodation and more than 230m2 of deck space is large enough for the whole dive team and their kit.
“Client contact is very important to us,” says Commercial Manager Priscillien Herran. “Therefore we are commercially coordinating this contract out of our Paris office to facilitate close contact with this French customer.”


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Acta Marine scores long-term contract in Morocco.
Offshore Performer has recently arrived in Morocco to start a long-term deployment. With capacity for 12 passengers and a top speed of 23 knots, she will be called on for crew transfer duties by a dredging and construction company. However, this 15.5-metre vessel is versatile enough to take on other tasks though. She has been equipped with a mobile survey A-frame to handle survey jobs too. The feedback that we have heard from captain and crew is that this combination is proving very effective.
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