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At the helipad across from the Griffith Observatory. #cycling 

Now that I have the 4.4 update...should I start posting about it every 5 mins? Then post up screen shots of how bad my battery life is?

I don't care where the Nexus 5 you ordered is. Iphone people aren't this bad.

Here we go again. New Nexus all day feeds of screen shots of poor battery life. #deadbattery #nexus5

Why do people keep posting shots of their home screens?

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Anybody get hissing at low volume? I also get distortion if there is something playing in the background while typing. I have a manufacturing date of 8/2013.

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 59

So I picked up the new Nexus 7...and so far I really dig it. Big improvement from my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0...but find the angled power button kind of odd to press.

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Mammoth yo...
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