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Stephen Steigler
Helping others create breakthroughs in their own personal transformation
Helping others create breakthroughs in their own personal transformation

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Dust it off and keep moving forward. Thomas Edison said it best, "I didn't fail 10,000 times, I just didn't get it right 10,000 times"

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A Big Health Tip:

Isn't every tip and trick regarding health a big deal?? It should be ;)

Before going out to eat or out to a party; If you think you might have a hard time finding something to eat, be sure to eat a substantial meal (like sauteed onions, kale and carrots with baked chicken and avocado) before going out so that you are full and feel satisfied! :)

Tip #2:
Call the restaurant ahead of time to see if they have anything that fits your nutritional eating style. Or check out their website.. many restaurants nowadays will display their menu online so it's easier to make a decision when you arrive!

Enjoy your Wednesday and be thankful for what you have. Even write it down!

In health,

Repetition is the master of skill. Practice what you want to permanently change.

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Check out my new blog post! If you are stuck in a plateau or are interested in achieving optimal health and wellness - you could definitely benefit from this :)

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So cool to see a coffee roasting and "cupping" in progress. I love this stuff... not just for the health benefits, increase in energy as an ergogenic aid but the social aspect of it. Awesome!

"You can have inflammation without healing, but you cannot have healing without inflammation" ... that is BRILLIANT!!! (This pertains to injury)

"People lose their way, when they lose their why" Love it! A quote from Rick Warren...

A few quotes from some of my clients that have impacted me this week so far (...and it's only Tuesday!)

"Sometimes the same thing can be interpreted differently spoken or written."

The first comes from my client Jon. I am paraphrasing this quote but you get the point. What I love about this is that it is so true in many different aspects of life. In terms of what I am primarily focused on, diet and nutrition, I can tell someone over and over that real food is what counts over any other factor whether it be amount of calories or fat/carbs/protein, whatever else but sometimes what I am saying in person does not sink in until my clients read it somewhere else from someone else or even myself (maybe posted here). Also, on different days and with a different mindset, you will digest (see what I did there, pun intended ;) the information in a different way.

"You never know what it's like to feel good, until you feel better... and then feel worse again."

The second comes from my client Grant. After completing a 30-day challenge (Whole30) he came back with a GREAT quote that is true beyond measure. You've heard the quote before "You never know what it's like to feel good until you feel better." but extend this at the end of that quote.. " -and then feel worse again." I love that because I've bought into that quote because in the past 2 years after switching to a more ancestral/paleo/primal approach to nutrition and even my lifestyle I have experienced better health and a more balanced body composition without fighting many cravings, snacking and many other things. To put this into more context, he said this after reintroducing foods into his diet like coke, pasta, dairy, protein shakes and breads as part of the program to see how his body felt and without going into much detail, essentially he felt HORRIBLE after reintroducing those foods which spurred that quote! Love it.

Take these thoughts, digest them and let me know what you think!

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This is a meal sent to me from one of my clients this morning! What a stellar CHAMPION breakfast! Eggs, Bacon, Fresh Strawberries and TAPIOCA FLOUR (gluten free) CREPES!! FYI, this is post-workout (5x5 Deadlifts this morning! Yeah) ... This is how you become a game-changer
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