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Every day is a school day
Every day is a school day

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"Cut me off a nanosecond" - genius...

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“If this was about immigration, then the undocumented Irish and European folks would be a part of the roundups,” Oso said. “The people being deported are from Mexico, Central America, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. So, this is about keeping America white, not making America great.”

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What in the actual fuck?! Just lost a LOT of respect for this man...

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Cheaters? Losers? Morons? All 3 apply to PNW smurfs it would appear...
Since I started playing the amazing #AdventureGenerator that is Ingress, I (along with many others) have tried to help build a culture of fair play in our local communities. I feel like that effort worked in our own faction, but never made it across the divide to our local Resistance counterparts no matter how much we talked about shared community standards.

And now we know why there was such reticence to do anything about the cheating; enough of the main players and community leaders on Res side have been actively cheating the entire time.

Below is a link to a bunch of screenshots from a Resistance hangout which clearly shows automated responses for things like guardian portals, obviously using scraped data.

IMO, it's time for a community shake up. The honest players in Seattle Resistance (and I know there are many of them) need to step up and try to shape their community to be more healthy with regards to fair play. As an Enlightened agent, we just want fair competition and opposition we can actually respect.

It's not an easy path, but people need to understand that the community at large WILL NOT TOLERATE CHEATING.

I watch with baited breath; I sincerely hope our local opponents can clean up their act.

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Who scores four shards in one go? #ENLorGTFO
Sleepless in San Antonio..... Five shards scored over one weekend! Great work Texas Enlightened Agents! Epic week of defense, precision blocking yolos, agents from all over this great state and beyond coming together for one common goal. You guys are the best and I will never forget this! The week is not over, let's keep it going!

#iHeartShards #FateofThe13 +Niantic +Ingress
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Cement production accounts for 5% of CO2 emissions worldwide. These folks are about to put an end to all that!

The cement required to produce a standard size concrete block, often referred to as a “cinder block”, results in 2kg of CO2 emissions. Our process avoids that. Additionally, we capture 1kg of CO2 in every block during the curing process.


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Was reading about metacognitive therapy and behavioral cognitive therapy, and this clip came to mind. From the comments, I'm not the first to make the connection! Classic scene, and just about the only Newhart bit I really find funny, he leaves me cold most of the time...

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“It’s a physical role, that second kid exploded into the room in that stroller with a real ferocity and purpose, we’re not formally casting yet, but the Rock or Jason Statham are top of our list,” explained a Disney executive.

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There are multiple collections I could post this under, but I'll stick to Beat - I dare you to watch this without having a huge grin on your face as Herbie finds his groove!

Also note the way that he handles the "black blood" question afterwards - pure class...

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Customer service advice +Comcast - when your reps are dealing with customer complaints regarding being charged in error, trying to upsell the customer before you even resolve the complaint is really bad form. #justsayin
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