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It didn't happen it was just locker room talk
When abuse is invisible… When abuse doesn't have proof… When abuse doesn't have witnesses… It didn't happen… When the abuser doesn't abuse everyone… When the abuser is nice to some… When the abuser say it didn't happen… It didn't happen… More than ever befo...

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Dating after abuse
Dating after abuse is a subject I
never thought would be as tricky as it has been. If you have been following my blog
throughout my struggle you might remember that last year I felt like I had met The
One . And, I must say that I still think he is The One h...

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What two years can do
It has been two years now. Two years of freedom. Two years since I closed that door behind me as I left an eight year abusive relationship... When I think of it now I have very split emotions about it. It feels like it was a lifetime ago yet I get chills ev...

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PTSD is "just" a diagnose
What is a diagnose?  Does it make us stronger or does it keep us trapped?  I have PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have the signs. I have the feelings. I have it.... but I kind of refuse to obey by it because I don't want to be trapped in a diagnose....

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On Cloud Nine
I am bubbling over and I just HAVE to share this with the world. And what better day to do it than on 11/11 - the day our manifestations are the strongest, the day our thoughts becomes reality. Today is for positive thinking. Today is for affirming what we ...

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Where is your love?
Someone said today "I think we stayed in abusive relationships because (1) we didn't love ourselves enough and (2) we didn't want to be alone". And, I think it encompass so much of how you explain that endless question of " why didn't you just leave?"  Many...

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One year of Freedom
“Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear…” As I today celebrate my 1 year anniversary of freedom, “ Happy Independence day ” as my sister just texted me earlier, I think back to those days leading up to my exit and the days after. I am ...

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How any type of abuse is always physical.
A memory from my life with my abuser just surfaced a few
days ago. He was the type of abuser that would never lay his hands on
me… and that made him feel proud of himself. That he would never physically
hurt a woman. He was brought up being told that you do...

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Should you stay for the children?
A few things has recently circulated in my head. A lot of it
has to do with children and people growing up with an abusive parent. (The
abusive person in my little thought-process is a man, the father) Depending on how you were brought up, different values ...

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When will a gift be just a gift?
I have never been a person that have to have a gift given to me on my special days. But when those days passes by without any acknowledgement at all it is hurtful. You hope every time that this time it will be different. You never stop hoping. However, it n...
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