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This is where I will be today.

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Extra Life is THIS SATURDAY! We're raising money for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and could use your help reaching our goal. If you've got the cash, please consider donating a little. If not, please consider shaking down your friends and family. It's for a good cause!

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+Eric Bradley - Think you and yours might dig this. <3

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It's that time of year again. Ya know, when you can expect to see me spamming posts about #ExtraLife  from now until November.

This year's official game day is November 5. Which is awesome, cuz this is our 5th year participating!

I've set an ambitious goal for getting such a late and quiet start. We're aiming to match what we raised last year, bringing in another $1000 for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

This is my favorite thing we do every year, and I am immensely proud to participate.

If you've got a few bucks to spare, please consider donating. If you've got friends you don't mind harassing, please pass this link on. If you've got time to spend with us on November 5, we'll be playing video games and board games and can always use the support.

Thanks, all!

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Fridays are for funk.

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Streaming all day for #ExtraLife  !

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We are less than two weeks out from #ExtraLife  game day. We've already raised more than $500 for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this year.

Currently, we are:
* $173 over what we raised year one.
* $15 shy of what we raised year two.
* $90 shy of what we raised last year.
* $210 shy of our goal for this year.

If you're able to give even a little bit, it'll help. While this is a point of pride for me, exceeding each of the previous year's totals, this is about way more than how good I feel about myself. All the money we raise goes right to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia through Children's Miracle Network. While $750 might not seem like a lot to such a large institution, it really is, especially when multiplied by all the other local Extra Life participants. Every little bit helps.

Thanks to all of you who have donated or helped promote awareness so far. It's much appreciated!

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I know I haven't said much about #ExtraLife  yet this year. I've been kind of beat and mopey the past couple of months which has made it hard to get motivated and put myself out there the way I have in years past.

If you've got a few bucks to spare, that'd be awesome. All the money we're raising goes to support Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (via Children's Miracle Network). We've got a little over a month to go... and nearly nothing raised yet. You can help! Thanks <3

#ExtraLife   was a big success this year! We've raised $580 so far (you can still donate through the end of November!), and I'm grateful to everyone who has donated. All funds we raise go directly to CHoP through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 

But, today, I'd like to especially say thank you to:
Craig who got me out of single-player mode early in the day, who got us all to play Artemis which was weirdly satisfying.
Justin for enduring all my loudness even when you weren't playing with us, for helping me set up streaming, for being awesome.
Kim for, among other things, making me laugh at myself until I teared up because jumping is hard okay.
Kris for always watching, for joining in as the opportunity arose, for being my moral support every year.
Jeremy for telling me how to Engineer. Srsly. It was way more fun once I knew what I was doing.
Ryan, Dustin and Chris for, among other things and most importantly, seeing me through those last, hardest hours of the morning. 

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