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Berenice Weber
los animales, los libros, las fotos, las canciones, la vida
los animales, los libros, las fotos, las canciones, la vida

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Die deutschen Leute wissen
Deutsche Leute zum Veganer werden! Das ist sehr gut :) The current winner in the race to make vegan food products? Germany. This may come as a surprise to anyone who’s gone to a German bar
and tried to order a meatless meal, only to end up gnawing sadly on...

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I became 48 a few weeks ago. I am always thankful for being alive! Mission bay Say thank you to the ocean for another year Me, age 48 I am 48! not 481 ;) Some of the lovely gifts my friends gave me vegan lunch, spicy broccoli from Native Foods Jibarito, veg...

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Vegan biscotti and life gifts
Life gives you little surprises. I met Nancy 2 years ago at the vegan Thanksgiving potluck, she lives around the corner of my house. Many times I wondered when we would run into each other. A little background, I have been stressed, angry, sick, and disappo...

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Too much pain and suffering
56,000,000,000 Animals will die yearly for our pleasure since we don’t need to eat animals to survive & thrive. # MeatIsMurder

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Little Hummingbird
A lovely little hummingbird made his nest on an avocado tree in our courtyard he is so fragile and precious! Please love and appreciate life. Do not hurt, eat, or kill anybody.

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Pi Day, vegan pie day that is!
Today is Pi Day - 3-14 - named after the the first three digits of pi. Two years ago on 3-14-15 (the first five digits of pi), we launched a big salute to the best vegan pie recipes across the web, and today we’d like to share it again. Because, you know, pie.
+Vegan Street
#pie #vegan pie #pierecipes #veganpierecipes #piday #vegan #veganliving #veganstreet

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Sudan people are starving while 80% of US crops feed chickens, pigs & cows #crime

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Sudan starving while Americans are dying from being too fat
Sudan’s deadly FAMINE, while 80% of crops in the USA go to feed farmed
animals for Americans eating chickens and burgers. Supporting the Animal
Agriculture industry while others starve is a crime. If you STOP eating animals, those crops can bake 2 loafs o...

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Berenice Weber commented on a post on Blogger.
Que buen blog, mi mamá vive en Autlán y es el pueblo de mi infancia, gracias por documentar la cultura Autlense!

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Mexico 2017
Back in February I spent a few days with my mom in Autlán, Jalisco, México. I love my other country! Mi mamá El Kiosko y centro Limpiador de zapatos Templo "La Purísima" Templo "La Purísima" Roasted corn, vegan mexican dinner!
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