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“Offering Caring and Affordable Service since 1897.”
“Offering Caring and Affordable Service since 1897.”

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Cremation and Cremation Services in Fargo:

Cremation, the process of reducing a body to ashes and bone fragments through extreme heat, has increased in popularity over the past years in the funeral and cremation services industry.

Historians trace back the introduction of cremation to the early Stone Age (around 3000 BC), in which decorative urns were found across Northern Europe and the Slavic people of Western Russia. Despite the off-and-on popularity of cremation in our early history, it wasn’t until 1874 that Sir Henry Thompson and his colleagues founded the Cremation Society of England, and wasn’t until 1876 that the first North American crematory was built in Washington, PA. The surge in popularity of cremation in the United States came as a result of Protestant clergy desiring reformation of burial practices, as well as health concerns regarding the sanitariness of cemeteries and burials.

Although cremation services were still a niche offering at the time, over the past few decades, cremation as a practice has been on the rise. The National Funeral Directors Association notes that the cremation rate in 2013 was 45.1%, and the projected rate for 2020 is 55.8%. Here are some of the reasons for the rise in popularity of cremation services in recent years:

- Less expensive. Cremation services tend to cost quite a bit less than other funeral services, freeing a family from unnecessary financial burdens after the loved one has passed away.

- Efficient. Decisions and detail work following the loss of a loved one can feel overwhelming. Cremation is a simple process, that requires few decisions from the grieving family, during a time in which decision-making may be tough.

- Scattering of ashes. A great tradition and way to show tribute to a family member or friend that has passed away is to scatter their ashes across seas, fields, and other memorial locations. The scattering of ashes is a liberating experience, that is often times requested by individuals who choose cremation.

- Keeping the remains. Although the scattering of ashes is one popular way to dispose of the cremated remains, it is also quite customary for family members to hold on to the remains of loved ones. They can be kept in urns at one’s residence to help instill a sense of closeness with the deceased.

At Boulger Funeral Home, it is our goal to provide our families and friends with as many services as possible after a death. In addition to our traditional funeral services, we have responded to the recent popularity of cremation by offering loved ones with a variety of cremation services as well. We work very closely with the local crematory (Riverside Crematory in Fargo) to guide you through the cremation process. The services we offer include:

- Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation following the service (Body is present at the service)

- Funeral Home Chapel/Church memorial service (Body is not present at the service)

- Direct Cremation (No service, minimal service offering)

With any questions related to our cremation services, please feel free to reach out to any of our six licensed funeral directors in Fargo, Kindred or Hillsboro with any questions you may have. Boulger Funeral Home aims to be viewed as your resource when it comes to the difficult process of losing a loved one. If you contact us at 701-237-6441 or by emailing, our team would graciously answer any of the questions or concerns you may have related to cremation or cremation services.

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