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Kent Healy
Investor, Author, Artist, & Autodidact
Investor, Author, Artist, & Autodidact

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The latest Uncommon Musings newsletter is available ... I open with a riff about my 2016 Theme of "Simplification" and how it has impacted my life. On top of that, there's a collection of other interesting quotes and readings from around the web.

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It's out... The latest collection of curious thoughts and readings... Enjoy.

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The latest collection of intriguing thoughts, quotes and articles from the web is now published.

Also, get my thoughts at my recent mastermind in Chicago. Check it out...

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Here're your latest random dose of intrigue — a collection of content, ideas, and resources that I've recently found mind tingling.

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We all know that different jobs carry different responsibilities and compensation structures. But it’s a big mistake to assume that most work exemplifies a similar relationship between time, skillsets, and flexibility.

It does not...

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The latest Uncommon Musings post is out! For fun and fascination on a variety of topics, check it out:

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Want more control in life? Want to change the quality of your life?

Communicate. Then do so better.

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Fighting fear with fear – When the scarecrow confronts his nightmare & how you can too:

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The new Uncommon Life aggregator has been released to the wild: "We can’t all be nonconformists at every moment" ... Facts, Quotes, Interesting reads, and more. Check it out.

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There is a lot of crap on the web. But there is also a lot of great stuff worth reading and learning.

And I've found that life is only as interesting as you are. So, not surprisingly, I also believe that it's entirely worthwhile to feed your mind interesting information. The challenge is sifting through the endless noise to find fascinating stories, facts, and tools that can expand your life and mind.

For the wonderlusts like me out there, I've created a solution. Today I've launched a new, fun, and short newsletter called "Uncommon Musings" that includes all things thought-provoking in a bulletpoint-like format.. content such as:
- Intriguing quotes
- Interesting reads
- Cool products
- Fascinating facts
- and other fun surprises

If you're interested, here's a sample:

And if you wish, you can sign up (free) here:

Enjoy the weekend everyone.
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