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I make stuff now.
I make stuff now.

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CNC: Come to Fruition
So THIS happened, nbd: And you may be wondering:  how did such a PERFECT, wooden circle come into being?  CNC, baby.  That's how. I'll spare you the gritty details, dear reader, involved in tackling the learning curve to use this beautiful beast.  But suffi...

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Post-Apocalyptic Table + Wire Wrapped Ringzzz
As some of you may recall, my CNC baby was born last week.  The UPS stork dropped him off on my doorstep, and it was love at first sight, despite the sleepless nights.  (Remember: CNC machine is basically a computer-controlled router that will cut wood for ...

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Nerd Earrings?? Don't Mind If I Do.
As you may recall, dear reader, this blog is my makin' stuff archive.  And while that stuff usually consists of woodworking and home improvement projects, I do like to dabble elsewhere.  (I was hoping you had forgotten by now about my miniature [non edible]...

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Murphy Desk FTW
I'm'a make this a quickie since I'm in a mad dash to make a place for a certain baby who's due to arrive in a mere five weeks.  (!!!, right??) So since said baby shall require room and board, I had to move all my supplies of a crafty nature to the "bonus" r...

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Drawers to Fill the Void
So you know that gaping void in your life?  Don't worry, I won't be waxing existential.  I'm just talking about the top shelf of our dresser.  We bought this a few years ago as a "media center" or something, so the top shelf was intentionally left blank to ...

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Crate of the Union
So we've been storing Jack's toys in an old diaper box.  And as classy as that is, I figured it was time to upgrade to an actual toy box.  The solution, I thought?  Crate!  Can't go wrong with crates.  No one ever goes wrong with a crate.  In fact, people e...

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Behind-the-Door Bookshelf Bonanza for $8
You may be asking yourself why I call everything a bonanza, and I would counter with, why aren't you calling everything a bonanza?  Don't be so hard on bonanzas; they can help you out with an alliteration in a pinch. So I decided I wanted a place for Jack's...

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$20 Giant Wall Art (for those who can't otherwise decorate an empty wall)
I stole this idea from the internets, good ol' cyberspace.  Since I honestly have no idea what to do with a big empty wall, I figured you can't go wrong with a big-A canvas. I found a fabric shower curtain I liked for $12, and then picked up four $2 furring...

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From the Chokey to a Place You Want to Be: The Bathroom Remodel
Shazam!  Who doesn't like before and after shots of home improvements?  Sociopaths, that's who.  So months and months ago, we broke ground for our much-overdo guest bathroom remodel.  Because really, it was getting silly to have plain, decor-less, brown roo...

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$10 Bathroom Cabinet, Say What?
So there I was, brainstorming ideas for Christian's twenty-whatever'th birthday present (who's really counting after 21; I'm not really sure how old I am either without some maths), when I remembered how his bathroom of tiny proportions supports little to n...
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