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Factors Involved in #DiabetesCareManagement - Island Medical Consultants, NYC
"Diabetes is a common condition in which the blood sugar levels become high causing serious health complications including the symptoms of diabetes. During diabetes, the body can’t produce insulin that is a hormone responsible to control the sugar level in blood.

Apart from medical treatment, there are various factors that play a significant role in the management of diabetes and these factors include eating healthy and balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight and regular physical activity.

• Eat a diet that is rich in fiber and low in fat and calories such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
• Sugary foods should be eaten with doctor’s recommendations.
• Physical activity that may include walking or swimming should be chosen with doctor’s recommendations. Physical activity should be done regularly at least for 30 minutes.

The board-certified physicians at #IslandMedicalConsultants provide comprehensive #DiabetesScreeningAndCareManagement plan that is customized according to the particular conditions and needs of the individual patient. Our team of medical professionals performs screening tests by using the advanced medical equipment."
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Cardiovascular Disease Management by #IslandMedicalConsultants, @NYC

" #CardiovascularDisease refers to all the problems or diseases that affect your heart and circulatory system. These problems include heart attack, coronary heart disease, angina, stroke and congenital heart defects and heart rhythm problems. The symptoms of these cardiovascular diseases can occur suddenly with no warning signs but certain screening tests and exams can help in diagnosing these diseases especially if you have risk factors for developing them, at the right time so that they can be effectively treated. Some of the risk factors include age, family history of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, stress, high cholesterol and blood pressure, smoking, physical inactivity etc. Various screening tests and exams for cardiovascular diseases include a @BloodTest, #chestX-ray, #echocardiogram, #electrocardiogram (ECG) and @abdominalultrasound.

The board-certified #physicians at #IslandMedicalConsultants provide comprehensive cardiovascular disease management and prevention plan customized according to the particular conditions and needs of the individual patient. They perform screening tests using advanced facilities and equipment with full expertise and capabilities. "

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#Island Medical Consultants
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Tips for Weight Management by #IslandMedicalConsultants, @NYC

"A healthy weight plays an important role for living a healthy lifestyle. Most of the people get successful in losing their weight through diet plans but they can also gain their weight again so it is important to learn that how you can manage your weight. Below are some tips that help you to manage your weight:

• Do exercise or physical activity on regular basis
• Eat fiber rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
• Add diet containing proteins, vitamins & minerals
• Add dairy products in your diet
• Manage stress
• Avoid smoking
• Keep a positive attitude

Although these tips help you a lot, a professional consultation is necessary to make a healthier weight management plan helping you to achieve your goals. The board-certified specialists at #IslandMedicalConsultants are highly accomplished in providing comprehensive #WeightManagement services in @StatenIsland, @NYC. They provide you a customized diet plan and exercise program that helps you to manage your weight and live a healthy lifestyle."

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Benefits of Home Healthcare Services - #IslandMedicalConsultants, @NYC

" #HomeHealthcareServices or home visit services include the medical care that is given to the elderly people who are ill, disabled due to any injury or illness. The home health care services are aimed to provide the high quality, comprehensive medical care to the patient in a personalized and convenient manner at the home of the patient. There are many benefits that you can get with these home health care services and these benefits include:

• Provide complete comfort to the patient while treated at his/her home
• Improve the independence of elder people
• Medical care provided by skilled, experienced, licensed nurses
• Complete management of prescription medication
• Less-expensive care as compared to hospitalization
• Full support of daily living activities, nutrition & diet

If you are looking for home visit services for your loved one, you can contact specialists at #IslandMedicalConsultants in Staten Island, @NYC. They provide comprehensive home visit services to your loved one that he/she truly deserve.
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Preoperative Risk Assessment - Island Medical Consultants, @NYC

" #PreoperativeRiskAssessment is the management and evaluation of a patient’s health and all the risk factors involved in a planned operation/surgical procedure. It involves the complete care of the patient started from the time when an operation is considered to the time just before the surgical procedure. All the general issues and risk factors are assessed deeply which arise before, during and after the operation. Various examinations and tests are also conducted before performing the procedure. The assessment of risk factors helps the doctors to eliminate them prior to the surgery so that they can get effective results. It also helps in reducing the mortality rate of patients before performing a surgical procedure.

For more information about #PreoperativeRiskAssessment, contact board-certified physicians at #IslandMedicalConsultants who provide comprehensive risk assessment in Staten Island, @NYC. They will deeply assess, evaluate and take necessary steps to reduce various risk factors that might involve in each patient’s specific conditions before the planned procedure. "

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