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Bridge The Distance
Webinar Delivery Training, Virtual Team Collaboration, Remote Relationship-Building
Human communication, collaboration, and connections—when people are NOT face-to-face.

For 15 years, we have trained people in the world’s largest corporations how to build the human side of communication when people are NOT face-to-face.   Our specialty is building superior virtual team collaboration and astounding webinar engagement.

Today’s amazing technologies enable people in remote locations to get connected with one another.  But a technical connection is very different than being connected on an interpersonal level so people work effectively together. 

We help virtual teams build six critical interpersonal connections in a remote setting that unlock their path to success –without having to travel to do it.  When virtual teams get the human factor right from afar, they will outperform their face-to-face counterparts--and feel great about it! 

We also help people make their webinars engaging, interactive, and fun.  Whether people use webinars for presentations, training, or collaborative meetings, our training gives them a proven start-to-finish model that actively engages remote participants and gets more done. 

Our passion is to give business people proven, effective best practices to bridge the distance.  Call or email is now to join tens of thousands of other clients all over the world that no longer have to travel to build a great team, webinar, or life!

Our Training Services Help You:

Build Collaborative Virtual Teamwork
    •    Speed problem solving and decision making because online collaboration is so effective.
    •    Build rich virtual interaction and relationships without having to travel to create them.
    •    Build superior morale and sense of team that drives inspired performance in a virtual setting.
    •    Identify and resolve conflict remotely so team results don’t dessimate team results.
    •    Keep the team tightly aligned when you can’t see what’s going on in the distance.

Build and Deliver Engaging Webinars
    •    Actively engage people in your webinar with rich, relevant interaction throughout.
    •    Reformat your presentation or training webinar so it actively engages a remote audience.
    •    Reduce or eliminate multi-tasking because your session is just that engaging!
    •    Replace missing non-verbal cues with something more effective.
    •    Be more impactful because you know how to create rapport, from afar.
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