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Brian Kelly

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OMG,  #qgis  is so lucky it makes backup files...
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Brian Kelly

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At the beginning of last year I decided that I would no longer complain about open source software unless I was willing to fork the repo and do something about it myself.

So this is me saying nothing :-|
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That's the thing, I'm trying to not complain about something I'm not willing to work on myself. Especially since I know people who work on it.  Trying the put up or shut up route.
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Brian Kelly

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My iMac has been running kind of slow and hot recently. Simple operations like starting Terminal or opening "simple" apps can take a while and result in a lot of disk churn. Even just logging in and getting to a settled desktop seems to be taking longer than it used to.

At some point I ran a SMART Disk Utility that seemed to suggested my hard drive had a SMART Failure. I ended up ordering a new hard drive and some additional memory (4GB to bring it up to a total of 8GB).

I unplugged everything, put it face down and added the additional memory sticks. I then just plugged the keyboard and mouse in to make sure the RAM was good. It was.

After a bit I noticed that the machine was running much cooler. Normally it gets pretty hot. As an experiment I plugged my second monitor in and saw the GPU temperature go up about 15 degrees. I unplugged it and it went back down.

Even still, it was running much cooler - I regular feel the vent at the top of the machine to see how warm it's getting and it was actually cool.

Maybe when I put it face down I knocked loose some dust to something that was blocking a fan? I dunno.

The additional peripherals I had plugged in were:
- USB Hub
-- USB Xbox Controller
-- USB MIDI Adapter
-- iPod Charging Cable
- Mouse
- Keyboard
- OUYA USB Cable (which is never on)
- Firewire with two external drives
- Ethernet Cable (for network sharing with OUYA)
- External Monitor with some third party HDMI adapter

Guess I'll run it without these things for a while and then slowly add them and see if/what causes problems for me.
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Yeah I used to let time machine go on its own but I would hear the demand load and noticed it was time machine so I usually do it manually before I shut it down at night or set a specific time for it to back up. It also slows down ya system especially if u start running multiple apps and using the net cause its trying to keep up the load and back everything up also remember to tell time machine to back up ya hard drives as well that's a manual feature it won't do it on its own 
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Brian Kelly

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Apparently there was a time (the 90s) when I thought this was an acceptable URL.
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You SEOed the crap out of that url bro
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Brian Kelly

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I think I have a love/hate relationship with GIS. At times it can be tremendously fun and rewarding. At other times it can be extremely frustrating. For the most part I always find a solution to my problem I'm having (thank you but there are enough little oddities to overcome that I'm always waiting for the next one to crop its head up and jab a stick in my front wheel.

Basically - it's a fair amount of work, especially when you're doing it as a volunteer work and are completely self taught.

Left is the original version done in Illustrator. Right is the work in progress version in QGIS (yes, I know there's lots to fix still)

#gis   #qgis  
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GIS can be extremely complex. Specially the algorithms used to do most of the operations. But most of the time, it's fun ;)
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Brian Kelly

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Looking to replace the hard drive on and add more memory to my 2011 iMac 27". Was going to order from Other World Computer ( but I'm seeing mixed reviews on YELP. Any suggestions out there? #iMac  
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The nice thing about is that they have an interface for picking the year/model of your Mac and then giving you exactly the type of upgrade that will work on your machine. You could also just get than information and comparison shop elsewhere.
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Brian Kelly

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Yea, it does look difficult. At some point I need to try and get my set hooked up to Rock Band. I'm hoping it will make for an effective way to practice.
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Huzzah! Command-# tab switching for Safari: Normally it's a Bookmark shortcut. Chrome/Firefox it's tab selection.
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I switched when Mavericks was announced to take advantage of iCloud tabs and keychain. It gets the job done. 
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