How to use G+ (Ingress Optimized):

What is G+?: It is social platform created to bring content that YOU like, not necessarily content that are liked by other people. Yes, things like "What's Hot?" will show up just because of the statistical significance bias of the algorithm (super secret sauce). Sometimes you will get stuff you don't care about or don't want. When this happen, please mute it first. If it is highly offensive, then mark them as spam. If you don't want to see those posts. Uncheck these two boxes pictured here in this link:

What is a community?: It is basically a social optimized "forum" for people who share common interest to communicate and share stuff with each other. These communities can be public or private, and there are varying levels of "exclusivity" settings for these communities. Communities are run by the owners and/or the moderators of the communities. Owners can kick/ban people, moderators can move posts around but cannot kick people (yet).

If you play Ingress, you probably will want to join a community to keep in touch with other agents. This list is not 100% accurate, but it's better than nothing:

What is Hangouts?: This is basically the way to communicate with each other using your connected G+ account. Max capacity: 100 people including yourself. You cannot kick people out, you can rename, leave, mute, and archive the chat. If you have a small community or you break your member base into different subgroups, this is probably your best way to communicate. If you have a larger community (100+), try using Slack or other group messaging platforms.

What is a G+ Circle?: It is basically a folder/label that you put people that you follow in. Say, you have a group of people that play Ingress, you put them in the same circle. You can further classify them as Resistance or Enlightened, and tag them with that label to. You can make up any label you want, add as many people into it as you want. Some people can have multiple labels. This controls how you VIEW content. You can view streams from JUST one particular group, or you can view ALL on the top bar of your landing page. Depending on the size of your circles, the ALL feed will be nice or completely random, full of CATS and GIFs and all these crazy FOOD PICS (sorry if I spam you with food pics, I love them). I like a lot of things so my posts are always random. As practice, you should try doing this with me when making circles. You can add me to:

Ingress, Resistance, Photography, Food, Automobiles, Airplanes, Travel, Technology, Totally Random Dude Who Flies Everywhere.

You can share these circles to other friends who may like these things, so they can make new friends too! Below are the list of people who are influential on G+ that I like to follow:

+Yifat Cohen is a G+ expert, if you want to know how to use G+, you should follow her. She hosts a lot of hangouts on air explaining about G+ and how to use it effectively. And yes she does this for a living.

+David Amerland writes a lot of awesome stuff about technology and how it affects lives. He raises a lot of questions about social issues.

+Joe Martinez is a fellow foodie, if you love food.

+Christopher Goodson is an amazing photographer and friend

+Linda Besh Super awesome Ingresser and overall nice person. She has a background in financial analysis and other awesome skills.

+Scott Wilson Is a tech writer/reviewer and very funny when he trolls people who make up crap.

+Joe Philley If you like cats and food and ingress and all the weird things I like too, this is the guy to follow

There are more people out there but, feel free to click the EXPLORE link at the top navigation bar and branch out. 

Thanks for reading, please correct me if I got anything wrong. And if you tell me G+ is dead, I will yell at you, from all of my 5 google accounts >:( 
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