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Unconventional Treatments  - 
Type 2 diabetes can be put into complete remission through diet - but it's a major diet change that goes against the accepted wisdom.

I began the Paleo way of eating because I have Type 2 diabetes and couldn't control the highs and lows.  Every time I ate any kind of grain even in small amounts my blood glucose shot up to dangerous highs and the meds made it bottom out to scary lows.  I had gained a lot of weight in a short period of time as my body tried to tell me that it no longer could handle grains.

This has been a long journey for me but Paleo keeps my blood glucose in the normal range 100% of the time since I began eating this way 3 months ago.  I have lost weight and am on my way to being a healthy person.  Now I realize that my body was reacting to grains for many years while I fought to keep my weight down.  I watched other people eat more than I did and never gain and was so frustrated.  Horay for Paleo!!!
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Type 2s do not need to keep taking any insulin after acclimating to a strict paleo diet.
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Warren Dew

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I think I finally understand perfect forward secrecy.  If I'm correct, it boils down to generating a new private key for each session, and throwing it away at the end of the session.  Since the private keys are only used for one session, knowing the private key for one session does not help with cracking other sessions.

So why, in dozens of explanations that I've read, is that never mentioned?  Some of them talk about generating a new public key for each session, but they seem to imply that the private key doesn't have to be new, not that that makes any sense.  I'm tempted to blame NSA obfuscation, except that the typical explanation of far more mundane subjects is also pretty obtuse; it seems people can write bad explanations without any help.  Maybe it's just that on a subject as obscure as asymmetric key cryptography, the small percentage of clear explanations ends up rounding to zero.

Or is my understanding still mistaken? +Michael Earl   +Jan-Willem Maessen 
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I believe this is correct (though I had to google it last week myself…):

A persistant public/private key pair (probably signed by a trusted authority) is used to prove identity.  Then a temporary public-private key is generated, used to exchange a random key for a symmetric cypher (which are a lot faster/easier than public-key calculation-wise), and that private key is thrown away.  Obviously it would be easier to just use the identity key for exchanging the symmetric key, but if that's then exposed any recorded sessions can be decrypted.
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Warren Dew

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A well deserved Pulitzer.

Interestingly, Google will not let me include the normal link excerpt.  Presumably that's a bug, though in these matters conspiracies are easy to postulate.
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I posted my thoughts yesterday. All the news sources I looked at also were locked in on the Guardian and the Washington Post. 
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Warren Dew

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Turns out millions of those Obamacare signups were actually people who lost their previous health insurance due to Obamacare.  Can't allow people to choose their own insurance, you know - big government knows best!
Signup figures topped out at 7.1 million as the Affordable Care Act's open enrollment period officially, sort of, almost, technically came to an end Monday night.
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The government has already lost money on its equity investment in GM, though.
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Warren Dew

Discussion  - 
For anyone who wants a practical guide to writing SSL sockets in Java.  It only requires about 10 lines of code!
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Warren Dew

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Tobacco or marijuana?  Depends on whether you want to mess up your lungs or your brain.
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It's weird how people can argue when they don't actually disagree.

I think that +Tonni Lockett Atay already understands the libertarian argument for legalization of marijuana.  In her first comment she compared it to alcohol, so she's not arguing that marijuana has no negative effects; she's just arguing that making it illegal is not the solution.  That's essentially the libertarian argument as well.

As far as I can tell, no one who has commented disagrees with her.  The purpose of my post, as +Jerome Carter, II correctly identifies, is to provide information on the effects of marijuana so people can make better informed choices for themselves in the places where it is becoming legal.
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Here's an argument that Putin might not go into eastern Ukraine.  Of course, counting on Putin to put international relations ahead of territorial control might not be a sure bet.
Vladimir Putin looks likely to go down in history as the Russian leader who won back Crimea, but he is fighting to avoid also being remembered as the man who let Ukraine escape from Moscow's sphere of influence.
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Warren Dew

Discussion  - 
Remember the bipartisan budget that Paul Ryan crafted and got passed last fall?  Now he says it's "nowhere near what we need" to cut federal spending.

Why didn't he realize that last fall?

Or, is this new proposal just grandstanding to hide his belief in big government?
Republican is term-limited as budget chief and seeking to become head of the House tax-writing committee.
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