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Making up word problems on the fly. There's a way to keep mentally agile. The children know they're making me work hard though, because they are all like "oh, gimme another one!"

I used to do these on FaceBook, and my built in audience that understands the Montessori stuff is considerably smaller here than it is there, but today I was tickled by the following exchange of two girls working on factors (this is a pair of sheets with numbers from 1-100 where they put in all the factors that make up a given number, and mark the primes with a red pencil - even though I haven't yet revealed that those are primes, MUHAHAHA, they just mark them because they have no factors).

Child A "Forty six is not popular."
Child B "Forty seven doesn't have many views either."
I was intrigued by that characterization: is YouTube terminology now a shorthand designator for popularity?
Child A "Thirty seven. My dad is in jail because he's thirty seven and thirty seven has a red line."

[46 has one set of factors 2 x 23. 47 and 37 are both prime.]

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Ok, my browsing habits (sebentymillion tabs) plus Facebook's 'I'll follow you everywhere' policy may have finally broken me of the Facebook habit. I did download Opera to sandbox it, but ehhhh, clicking over to a tab was much less work than opening a separate browser. Does that mean I'll post here instead? Not sure. In the meantime, I'm having a blast reading the forum thread on best PodCastle episodes of 2011. If you don't forum, but you listen, which was your favorite of the year?

Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants!!! Been looking forward to this since June! If JoCo doesn't play the Portal songs my daughter will be sad, sad.

"The secret of good teaching is to treat the child's intelligence as a fertile field where seeds may be sown to grow under the flaming heat of imagination." - Maria Montessori
Best wishes to all my classmates for oral exams! The finish line is in sight.
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