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Heidi Nawrocki
A knitting, homesteading, homeschooling mama
A knitting, homesteading, homeschooling mama

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'Tis the Season...for Pumpkin!
Labor Day is over, so you know what that means? No more white jeans, right? Or is that "cool" now? I don't know - fashion was never my strong point. No, no...labor day is over and now it means that the grocery stores are going to be flooded with pumpkin E.V...

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House on the Hill Soap Co
Well, it's official - House on the Hill Soap Co is here! After over a year of vacillating on what to do, I've jumped right in. I will be selling my soap at the Bridgeport Farmers Market , Doddridge County Farmers Market , and the Bonds Creek Farm Market wil...

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A New Journey
If you've been on my  Facebook  page over the last year, you've probably seen off and on posts about starting a soap business. I've been making soap for my family and friends now for over two years. It's really something I enjoy and I've gotten some great f...

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Chicken Sweater
Chickens in sweaters are awfully cute, but did you know that chickens don't need sweaters? Chickens actually have a more difficult time in the summer than they do in the winter. Our coop has no supplemental heat or lighting and our gals fare just fine. I ...

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A New Reason to Slow Down
Soooo......I love being in the kitchen. It helps relieve stress and I love cooking up good, healthy food for my family. For my birthday two years ago, my hubs got me an electric pressure cooker. It's been a delight to use, especially when cooking up our dri...

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What's on the Needles - Sept 7
It's back! I'm starting back up my weekly "What's on the Needles" posts! Knitting really helps keep me centered and the benefits of knitting are numerous. Sharing with you helps me even more! I've really grown to enjoy knitting socks. I used to collect toe ...

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Fall Planting
Happy Labor Day! I don't know about where you live, but the weather here today made it seem more like the 4th of July than Labor Day. We took advantage of somewhat cooler temperatures this morning to get out to the garden. After reading Mother of a Hubbard ...

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2015 - The Year of the Tomato
The last two years, our tomato harvests have been pretty abysmal. Our first year, the wacky weather killed off a lot of our plants. Last year, without the fence, the chickens annihilated any chance of tomatoes. So, this year! This year! With remineralizing ...

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The Great Garden Project
Last year, our garden got totally annihilated by our chickens. It was totally our fault as we didn't have an adequate fence in place. And once those gals got the taste for heirloom tomatoes, they refused to share them. So, we plotted and planned over the wi...

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The Root Cellar
Happy March! And I sure hope you February rocked as well. I know I haven't been updating much lately. There's not much exciting happening around these parts other than winter. Cold. Snow. Slick driveway. Let's just say I tend to become a hermit over the win...
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