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it's time to get your knit on
it's time to get your knit on

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Simply Ribbed Hat
By M.M.Bise
© January 13, 2017. It is illegal to copy and redistribute the written pattern without the designer's consent.

Level 1: beginner

This pattern was made on the ½ gauge 60 peg CinDwood hat loom using 1 strand of #4 I Love This Yarn by Hobby Lobby in the color Song Bird ( for the hat on the desk) and All that Jazz ( on the model) The finished Hat fits child to adult, men and women. Hat length is approximately 10 inches when completed. For a child simply fold the brim, for adults it's a perfect beanie. This is a great pattern for the beginner. This is a fantastic hat for craft fairs or gifts as it's a 1 size fits most.
You will need:
Your loom, #4 worsted weight yarn in any color. 7 rows x 4 sts =1 inch (approximately 125 yards), knitting tool, yarn needle, stitch markers (optional), and scissors .
To set up your loom (if using stitch markers)place stitch markers, Place a marker on every other peg
CO: Anchor yarn on the anchor pin. Cast on-Single E Wrap ( wrap each peg only 1 time). Using a single strand of yarn.
BO: Bind off- The basic hat BO method. Wrap your Wy around the loom once and cut the yarn. Thread the tail onto your yarn needle. Go around the loom 1 time removing all the sts. up from the bottom of the st. Pull your tail closing the hat,place your needle and yarn through the center to the inside and knit off.
WY: working yarn
Sts/ St: stitches/stitch
P: Purl stitch
K: knit stitch ( U wrap knit stitch was used)

CO as stated above:
Rounds 1-70: * P1 K1, repeat from the * to the end of the round.,
▪️ now measure the hat, if it's 10-10 ½ inches your knitting is completed. If not continue until it is that length.

Remove the hat using the BO listed above. Add a Pom Pom for added flare or wear it as is.

Any questions email me at or private message me on Facebook messenger.
You can follow me on Instagram, MBISEKNITS or my facebook page, For Knits and Giggles with MM Bise

Malissa M. Bise



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Here's a super easy , fun pattern using 1 strand of # 4 worsted weight yarn. By using self patterning or striping yarn you can make a beautiful scarf. The yarn does the work for you by creating beauty with color 
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This is another of my favorite hats North Wind Ridges Bomber, I have the pattern up on the Cindwood website

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Two City Slouch Hats pattern by Joanna Brandt I made on my 48 peg 5/8 gauge Cindwood adult hat loom. I love this pattern and loom.
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