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Windows to the World
(ph. Dad/ Sweater: Banana Republic, Pants: H&M, sunglasses: vintage, jacket: Mohito)

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When Buda Met Pest
 (ph. Mom/ Sunglasses: Flea Market, Shirt: HaNGER, Skirt: Beacon's Closet, shoes: TjMaxx) Though NYFW is going on, thus meaning summer is coming to an end, let us all just devour in these last moments of the warm sun on ours faces and summer breezes during ...

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The Beat of the Heat
(ph. mommy/ pants: Zara, blouse: secondhand, shoes: Borovo, chocker: Poland)  Hi everyone! Look I am still alive. I have had a busy year with getting used to a new country, a new school system, and a new life. Fortuantely, I think, I am able to juggle schoo...

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Hyped for Stripes
(coat: Zara , scarf: H&M , pants: H&M , sunglasses: vintage bought @ City Industry flea market, shoes: Marshalls, bag: Francesca's )  I know I look that I pissed off at the world but the sun was shining too strongly for me to smile (and it was hella cold in...

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The Big Picture
(ph. Dad/ blouse: Zara , overalls: H&M , shoes: Calypso St. Barth , earrings: H&M ) Hello lovies! Today I wanted to touch on feminism. There are so many aspects to this subject that should be talked about. After educating myself about feminism and looking a...

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(ph. Dad / coat: Banana Republic , jeans: vintage Levi's, shirt: Gap , sunglasses: Banana Republic Factory Store , shoes: Marshalls) Hello everyone in 2016! Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas/holiday and a safe New Year! I have been busy for a bit ...

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Freaks and Geeks
(ph. Vivien Maron / blazer: vintage, top: Mango, pants: Mango, shoes: CCC,  lipstick: Golden Rose #105) Long time no see people! The past two months have been pretty hectic with moving, getting all my papers verified, and getting used to my new school, and ...

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As if!
(ph. Daria Szczurek / blazer: vintage, shirt: vintage, skirt:vintage, shoes: TjMaxx, backpack: Promod)   When ever I have a bad day and all I want to do is just lay around the house, I usually put on something comfy and watch the best 90's teen movie "Cluel...

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Memory Lane
(ph. Mom/ dress: H&M; sandals: TjMaxx; purse: Zara; sunglasses: Forever 21; earrings: H&M) Another quick walk down memory lane. I remember the heat, cold and blue water, and delicious ice cream AKA Croatia. Oh, I will miss the summer (especially in Europe!)...

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Cool Hue
(zdj. Patrycja Chmiel/ dress: Zara, sandals: TjMaxx) Big news everybody! I moved to the U.S.A (North Carolina to be more exact). Moving and changing schools is exposing a different side of me. I'm more tired, hungry and cranky... Am I turning into a toddler...
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