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30 pts :)

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haha! 11.4 >.<

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Hoping for another masterpiece from the makers of Steins;Gate ^^

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This anime figure is simply amazing!

Seven Kings of Pure Color, Prominence’s Legion Master Scarlet Rain coming soon on your figure store ^^

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Looking forward to this...Another season that will make even male otakus cry T^T

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This is really nice! So looking forward to it!

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hi guys! can you +1 and share the video of my cute neko friend? :3

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Kindly support my cosplayer friend...just click the link and like her pic...thank you so much :)

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Pet Cosplay Event! Purrfect!

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interesting ^^
*Facebook Dip Dive*

Are you spending less time on Facebook than 6 months ago? A new study is showing some interesting things about Facebook.

* One-third of Facebook users are spending less time on the site than they were just six months ago
* Four out of five Facebook members have never been influenced by ads run
on the site
*44% who heard about Facebooks IPO said it made them feel less favorable toward the company

And lots more fun facts....  Where are these people going with their time?Angry birds? Twitter? G+? :) Advertisers will soon stop promoting their fan pages and return to Ad sense and private brands with stats like this? Me thinks so.

I still use Facebook, some personal friends are there, business contacts etc. But G+ has always been a better investment of my time... BUT its NEVER been Facebook VS something else for me. I make time for all social media. What about you?

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#facebook   #socialmedia
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