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Connie Reed
Successful Business Women who loves helping others
Successful Business Women who loves helping others

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who knows how to use mail chimp for email marketing? I looked at it and was totally confused.
any help would be appriciated

Is anyone else getting prepared to use the new pinterest that's coming out? It looks like it will be easier to use.

when you use a cell phone to look at items on ebay do you use the free pictures that show at the top, or just photos down
in your description?

I'm sure glad i have grandkids who can identify some of these toys they have out now. Besides that they have funny names.

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want clothing that is inexpensive but name brands that will last, this is the best site to buy clothing and also resell. You won't disappointed.

I hope we get some sun soon, I have no energy and feel like sleeping because of the overcast dreary weather. Does anyone else go through this during the winter months?

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well the vision problem cleared up in two days but still don't know what caused it.
Here's a funny gift I got at a white elephant exchange, a 5lb bar of chocolate, I looked up on ebay and there was excually some that were selling. Now how would you ship a big bar like that

Woke up the day after Christmas and had triped vision, it wasn't virdeco, so I went to the doc he sent me that same day to an eye specialist and then I went in to have an MRI done. I hate those things, this had a platic checkered face piece,, I thought I'd die from holding my breath from fear.  Probably won't know til after the first. It's a wierd feeling to not be able to see things in focus, and to try and show my husband how to do my store. So if I make any mis-spelled words forgive me.

Do you guys use email marketing? It seems with all the groups and such that it's a thing of the past. I'm thinking of using Mailchimp, anybody familar with it. He's so cute and FREE

Does anyone else here suffer from SAD when the weather changes and you get to much sunshine? I would live where it's sunny all the time
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