"So what does it mean to run toward the storm and not away from it? It means that when we run for office, defeating climate change should be an absolute top priority. It means that we will call out the climate denial of our rivals, not as some peripheral and modest comment but a fundamental flaw that should disqualify candidates from public office. It means that we will build our efforts around fighting climate change, rather than appending it to our thoughts and plans.

That passion must become an animating force in all we do. It must extend beyond parlor room debate. We can no longer look at climate change as a second-tier issue, relegated to something confined to the environmental community. It must drive our policy and our politics in every realm and in every constituency and in every debate. In the next presidential debate it must be the defining topic, not one ignored or sidelined, and if the moderators don’t ask about it, candidates must insert it aggressively, repeatedly and effectively.

The floods and fires are not a time just for sorrow, they must be a time for action. We must seize this moment to help the victims of these storms, and we must seize this moment to take action on climate change."
We must seize this moment
We must seize this moment
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