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Nikmati Saja Hari Ini
Nikmati Saja Hari Ini

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The first ceremony of Balinese life takes place when women reach the third month of pregnancy, with offerings to ensure the wellbeing of the baby. Twelve days later women are 'purified' through another ceremony. After 42 days, offerings are made for the baby's more

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Every Balinese is expected to marry at a relatively young age. In rural areas this can be the late teens, and in the urban south it's after formal schooling is completed or a solid job secured. In general, marriages are not arranged, although there are strict rules that apply between the more

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The last ceremony, Pitra yadnya,Ngaben (cremation), is often the biggest, most spectacular, noisy and exciting event. Because of the burdensome cost of even a modest cremation ceremony, the deceased are buried, sometimes for years, and disinterred for a mass cremation with the cost shared among more

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This dance is normally performed to entertain the gods and the goddesses to appease
them or to ask for their blessings. A bad harvest or an outburst of an illness may warrant
such a dance.............
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