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I have finally reached the point where I need to replace Maven in my life. Its slow. Its complicated. And its not helping me build Gerrit Code Review.
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We have actually had this mirror running for about a week now, so I guess its time to advertise it.
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This presentation nicely sums up why JGit reimplements the wheel more often than it reuses things. java.lang.String and java.util.* often use far too much memory for the data being processed.
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New Mac. No compiler. No Git. No Eclipse. Finding myself bootstrapping my environment from scratch.
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I don't often get to talk about some of the work I do for Google, but this one I can mention... :-)
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On Monday, we released the Ice Cream Sandwich source. Since then we've been looking at the logs to see how our new infrastructure has been holding up. (In a word: awesome. But that's another post entirely...)

The stats we've been looking at have been kind of blowing my mind, so I wanted to share. Here are a few interesting tidbits.

In the first 24 hours alone:
* The source code was checked out about 61,000 times
* We served over 36 TB of ice cream sandwiches. (That's TB with a T mind you.)
* At peak, we were serving over 4 Gbps.

I guess you guys were hungry for frozen treats.

(Now, that 61,000 number doesn't mean 61,000 different people checked out the source; it means roughly that you guys collectively ran 'repo sync' 61,000 times against our servers. Also, the 4Gbps might actually have been higher; we aren't 100% sure because some of our traffic -- impressive as it is -- was absolutely dwarfed by Google's overall traffic coming out of some of our data centers, so it's a little hard to tell.)

36TB. 24 hours. I'm starting to think that +Jean-Baptiste Queru and +Shawn Pearce are the geek equivalents of Jack Bauer. Massive thanks to them both!! Huge thanks as well to +Jeff Bailey, +Colby Ranger, and +Conley Owens, their talented, witty, and physically attractive support team.
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