Official rules for my Personal Painting Challenge. Or PPC for short.

So this is a self imposed set of rules I've come up with to help motivate myself to paint more often. Also to get more involved with the community as a whole, and to just have a little fun along the way.

This is the set up.
I ask you guys what I should paint. Then I try to speed paint said item(s) in a limited amount of time. If I complete the task then Yay I got something done! If I fail, somebody gets a special prize!
Easy right?
Let me explain a little more.

When I decide to have a PPC, will post a voting poll. Because I can never decide what to paint, I like to ask the masses of other hobbiests what I should work on. So I put up a poll and let people vote on a select number of projects.
Projects will vary in amount of models and details.
The polls will run for an alotted amount of time before a victor is chosen. Once the highest voted project has come up I will then have a set amount of time to paint the winning project.

The time limit I give myself to paint said models will also vary alot. Because I have work and other hobbies I like to restrict my painting time for these challenges to just a week. Sometimes the time limit will increase or decrease based on the difficulty of the project. But remember this is a friendly speed painting challenge, so I'm not intentionally trying to make things hard. The time limit will always reflect a pace that I'm capable of following.

So now that I have a goal, and a time limit, I will then proceed to try and complete the selected models before my time is up.
As an example, my first PPC was painting 5 CSM troops in one week.

That's the basic idea of a PPC. Community selected items being painted durring a self imposed time limit.

Sounds simple right?
Here is the fun part though!

Remember that early part about somebody getting a special prize?
Well this is a concept I like to call, the Failwinner!
I fail, you win, get it :P

A challenge is only as strong as the consequences of your failure to achieve victory.
And a deadline is only gonna stick if there's something on the line if I fail.

That's where the Failwinner prize comes in.
If I complete my project, then hooray for me and I got something painted, but if I loose, then what?

As penance for my failure to paint my project on time I will build, paint, and mail out a special model to a lucky person.
Who you ask?
Well none other then one lucky voter!

That's the incentive for voting :)
Every time you cast your vote on a PPC, you are entering your name to be eligible for a Failwinner prize.
And if I fail during that PPC, I will randomly pick one of the voters to receive a custom model made and painted by yours truly. I will work together with the Failwinner client to build a custom model of their choosing, and paint it to their specifications. Then mail the model to them anywhere in the world free of charge! I'll even throw in a specially made plaque to mount your new model on as a bonus!

This is just a way to say thank you to everyone who votes for my Personal Painting Challenges. You get to decide what I paint, watch me work and possibly get a free model if I fail. It's so easy!

So there's the full set up to my PPC. I put up a poll, you vote, I try to speed paint, then you cheer for my success while wishing for my defeat.

Some official "rules" for the PPC.

1. All models selections and time limits are set by me and me only. I will decide both depending on different factors but my final decision will always be set when the poll is announced.

2. Any models chosen for the PPC MUST be painted to at least table top standard (3 colors and a base). BUT! The degree of how detailed or intricate the models are painted to is always decided by me. Sometimes I will do highlights, sometimes just shades.

3. Baring any real world problems (injury, family emergency etc) I must complete the project on time during the allotted limit. I will always be truthful in telling you if I completed or failed a challenge. If something does come up I call a pause and continue at a later time.

4. Failwinner projects are to be limited to One model only! And only small models. Maybe a Terminator sized model, but that's it. I'm not making anybody a titan or entire army.

5. Failwinner projects will be limited to one voter per PPC (unless otherwise stated). And there is no time limit to complete the Failwinner project, I'll get to it as fast as possible.

So there you have it folks. The official rundown of my Personal Painting Challenge. Below you will find a link to all the selected choices, WIP pics and finished projects.
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