So let me pitch this idea to ya. Long read ahead.

I have a lot of 40k to work a lot a lot. And my ability to paint models in a timely fashion is really lacking. So, I've come up with this self imposed painting challenge to help motivate me to paint models in a more efficient manor. Because if I don't get really working on my stuff, I'm afraid most of it will never get done.

So here's the plan:
Every Friday morning I'll post a poll (because I would like the communitys help and other reasons). The purpose of the poll is to decide which models I'm gonna work on, based on the Warhammer 40k FORG. So HQ, TROOP, FAST etc.
The poll will last from early Friday to the end of Saturday, ending at midnight. And whatever the poll has chosen, I will paint a group of models under that group. So the army I'm gonna be working on is CSM so if the polls winner was troops I'd paint 5 CSM troops, or if it was fast then 5 raptors and so on.

Then the following Sunday I will have one week (so a standard week Sun-Sat) to fully paint and finish the selected unit. The models will generally start primed only. But I do have a lot of half painted stuff too, so some exceptions will be made to some cases.

The models must be painted to my own personal painting standards (not too high but not low either) and have a base on it. The exact amount of detail put into each unit will vary from model to model, like I'd put more work into an HQ choice then I would a lowly cultist.
The specific unit and quantity of said model will be decided by myself (I'm not gonna paint 200 Ork boys or anything stupid). Some examples would be two HQ models, like a warp smith and sorcer. Or 10 cultists, 5 daemons, one tank, 3 chaos spawn etc.

All the restrictions are to help motivate me to paint while not totally hindering my other social activities. The contest will only occur every other week. One week one, one off.

Now, here's where the challenge part comes in! A challenge is only truly a test of mettle if there are consequences to not meeting the criteria. So IF at the end of the week (SAT at 11:59pm) my intended work is not complete (and I pinkie promise to be truthful) then I will admit to defeat.
If I should admit to defeat, I will select a person, he will be called the FailWinner (alternate name pending). This individual will be randomly selected from the people who participated in the poll (see I had a reason for it). This person is the lucky winner, cause as punishment for me not finishing my weeks work I will personally build, paint and ship a model to that lucky winner! That's right! For participating in the poll, if I should fail, one lucky follower will get a hand painted model made specially for them! And mailed to them anywhere around the world at my own expense.

As an example let's say I fail to paint two rhinos. I will randomly select one person who voted in the poll, in this case the FailWinner will be "Q". I will then contact Q. Ask if there are any preferences to what he wants done. Q then asks that he would like a space marine Captain painted as White Scars with a power sword and chain sword combo. Then during my off week (and possibly longer depending on trouble shooting and extenuating circumstances) I will build and paint the clients model to my highest standards and ship it to Q where ever he may live.

Still with me? Still reading this? Great :)
Thanks for your commitment.

So that's my idea. I'm really interested in this plan because I participated in another 3 month long painting challenge last summer that actually yielded great results for my collection. I got a lot done while having fun in a team painting challenge. If you're interested check out the video results in my YouTube archive.
So with this I'm hopping to really jump start my painting. I have a lot of models, but barely anything table ready. Let alone anything that I could put together as a whole army. I'm always so envious of seeing peoples completed armies. I want that feeling! I've been in this hobby for almost 5 years and I could honestly say that besides my inherited Ork army I don't have enough finished models to make even a 1000pt army. My goal is to get 2000pts of my CSM army fully painted and ready by 2016. With this challenge it's gonna help keep me motivated and on task for painting on a proper schedule.

The whole part about the FailWinner getting a custom model is 100% legit. I stand by my word. This part is to mostly motivate me to stay on task (not that I don't want to make things for you guys but I would like to focus on my stuff :) and to interact more with the community. Plus you guys could win some free stuff should I fail. You could cheer for my success and failure at the same time!

There will be a few restrictions on what models I'm willing to make and paint for people should I fail. Mostly based on what's available to me, parts and time. So if you ask me to paint you a war hound Titan, you're gonna have a bad time. I do have a surplus of space marine models. The DA from DV and SW from Stormclaw are a few examples of things I'd be willing to paint and part with. I'm gonna try to keep custom models to small sized things, like marines and termies. Some exceptions can be made and can be discussed with the FailWinner, I'm pretty flexible.

So what do you guys think? Has anything like this ever been attempted? Obviously there are a lot of other things I'll have to work out. Such as model counts, time to paint the FailWinners model, possible "Get of of jail" should something unexpected come up. I'm still working on some details. I'll also be uploading pictures of my models on day one start to finish to my google+ so you can track my progress.

But any other thoughts though? I'd like to hear from the community on this.
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