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I have a strong interest in Warhammer 40k.
I have a strong interest in Warhammer 40k.

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I had a flash of inspiration while seeing a Blood Angels Chaplain on reddit.

So I repainted the bone edging on my Skull Lord black with red highlights.

Looks soooooo good.

After I painted him I didn't care for how much the bone edging blended with the plethora of skulls (bone mixed with bones, go figure). I even darkened the skulls more and drybrushed them to make them stand out. But still it looked odd.

So I was brainstorming ideas to really mark out my Khorne marked units. And when I saw this Blood Angels Chaplain dude I knew that the design would work great for the edging of my Khorne models.

Now he's awesome.
Plus it really makes the skulls and his helmet pop.

I'll probably be doing this for all my berserkers and such.
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Is this an anime reference I don't get?

Like is she a demon or something who's gonna eat him?

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It'd done!
Now I gotta rush off to work cause I'm stretching my time too much.
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Almost done.

Gotta let some washes dry, do a few other touches then they both done!
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Dam these wires...

Dam these skulls...


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A buddy of mine just got interested in 40k recently.

I told him the basics of the lore and tabletop, but also said he should do a bunch of research before committing to anything.

He posted this pic on another community with the caption "One of these things is not like the others".

Only us older guys get this joke xD

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Count me in!
100 Heretics

Hi community!! We're 100 members already!!!

We want to celebrate this moment by making a painting competition, and +Андрей Шаронов​ had an awesome idea about it.

These are the bases of our competition:

- If you want to participate post a comment in this entry and say so. Then make +1 in this post and share it. Registration deadline will be next monday, April 17th.

- You will need a space marine miniature wearing a 30K armour. That means MK.II, MK.III, MK.IV or MK.V.

- When we have all the participants I'll select randomnly a legion for each one, and you will have to paint the model with the colors of that legion.

- Once painted you just have to post your miniature in the community. The deadline to have made the paint job will be May 17th, so you have a hole month to paint your miniature.

- The judge for the competition will be our friend +Андрей Шаронов

The prize for the winner will be the honor of be the winner of our first painting competition, and...

a PLASTIC CONTEMPTOR DREADNOUGHT from Betrayal at Calth box for free!!


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I'll just leave this here.

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Well I had a busy morning.

Working on my Godzilla Hive Tyrant finally.
Still gotta work on him more but he's taking shape finally.

While I was waiting for greenstuff and glue to dry I built up 5 of the 10 Heliarchs for the Gangs of Cammorah game.
God dam I hate building Dark Eldar. So spindly and frail.
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Some more WIP shots of the Godzilla Hive Tyrant.

So much liquid green stuff to get those spines nice. But they really look sweet now.
Still gotta touch up a few spots but I'm liking how he looks.

I'll be green stuffing other parts of his body to help rough up the skin. Make him look less armoury.

He actually went through several design stages before I landed on this.

I wanted to model him as a real shooty type model so I spent alot of time modeling his venom cannon and Stranglethorn cannon arms to be shooting via left and right. But once I got the weapon arms in place the criss crossing tentacle bits looked goofy AF.

So I tried to take away the larger arms and replace them with more clawed hands (like Godzilla) but keep the bottom Stranglethorn weapon. So I took some Warrior rending claws which actually have a very close scale to HT hands (when compared to the fingers and hand bits on the sword and whip) and stuck them on bonesword and whip arms.

That too looked odd.

Having the melee weapon arms outstretched while he was clutching a huge weapon just looked weird.

I remembered that Godzilla always kept his elbows bent and almost never outstretched his arms. So I pulled the claw hands off and stuck them on the newly amputated sything talon arms. But even with the more realistic arm stance they still looked out of place next to the bio weapon. It just didn't look like Godzilla.

So I had to make a final design decision and I removed the bio weapon and BAM it looked so much better.
Simple basic design to help push the Godzilla vibe. I also clipped his tail spike thing off.

And I removed his overly long tounge off and stuck a much smaller one inside his mouth. That was some skilled knife work I'll tell you what.

And right now he really looks like Godzilla.

I'm alittle upset the look with the weapons looked better in my head then on the model and I wasted so much time moding the bits but you know sometimes that happens.

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