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Clark Wierda
Always where I need to be; not always where I want to be
Always where I need to be; not always where I want to be

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A long read, but worth the time.

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A brilliant, brilliant essay. Please read's phenomenal.

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This is good.

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Examples can be quite helpful in understanding process.

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Apparently breaking more than guitars these days.

And people wonder why I don't fly more.

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Looking forward to this.

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Successful reflight!

I shouldn't be as surprised by this as I am.

Google has removed another feature I use regularly. Locations was a great way to coordinate trips with friends and family. This was moved to G+, which was okay once the UI settled. Now it has been moved to Maps, but the link in G+ sent me to Chrome. I have clicked everything in Maps and it has not turned up. This is the worst recent change.

The other is only annoying in that a couple things I do in Android now take 3 times as many "clicks" as it used to. The operation is more consistent, but still annoying.

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Security is Hard!

Particularly when you don't have a process for reporting or fixing bugs.
Good gourd, not everything needs to be connected to the internet! Manufacturers, I'm talking to you: if you don't have both a pressing need for internet connectivity AND solid security expertise leave your device off the World Wide Web!
Pro-tip: internet connected devices are exposed to the full range of attack opportunities across the globe. If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the IP space.
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