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Building the future. Restoring the past.
Building the future. Restoring the past.

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It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the passing of our dear friend, co-worker, leader & Director of Client Relations, Kathy Lightell.
Kathy passed away peacefully Friday afternoon, January 12th. She was at home with her sweetheart, Dave.
Kathy was loved by so many and will be greatly missed throughout our industry.
Dave would like to express his gratitude for everyone’s prayers and kind thoughts during her illness, although Dave needs some time to grieve privately.
We will post information when Kathy’s service arrangements have been made.
At this time the family has asked to hold off sending flowers. Those of you interested in donating may do so via Paypal on our website:
All proceeds will go directly to the Lightell family.
Should have any questions please reach out to Eva Morrissey @ 925-216-6092.
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With the population rising every minute, multi-family housing has never been more prevalent; people are flocking to condos, apartments, row houses and townhouses. As a property owner or property management firm, your responsibility is to ensure that the multi-family property meets the needs of your tenants or buyers. You can achieve this by ensuring that your multi-family property’s roof is of top quality and regularly maintained. Nothing upsets tenants more than a leaky and drafty roof or windows. Not only is a damaged roof a nuisance, but persistent roof leaks can result in serious damage of property, affect the value and aesthetic appearance of your structure, and compromise the overall structure of your property.

So whether you’re dealing with a leaky roof, missing shingles, dysfunctional gutters or just need a replacement for your multi-family home’s roof, don’t wait to contact us. We’re the premier roofing company in California. Starting modestly as a simple roof installing company, we’ve been catapulted to the heights of the multi-family roofing domain, and we’re currently the most sought-after residential, commercial and multi-family construction company, specializing in roofing gutters and windows.

Multi-family roof repair
Have our inspection specialists uncovered a leak, a missing shingle, flashing or other problem with your apartment roof? Let our commercial roofers handle all the necessary repairs at your condo, apartment or neighborhood may need. And regardless of your apartment roof; whether gable, hip, flat, butterfly or jerkinhead, we have the skills and experience in handling your roof. We can handle just anything you throw at us. Our professional team will visit your home, inspect the leak or damage and come up with a solution a quickly as possible.

Multi-family roof replacement
At times, the condition of your roof is beyond repair, and it makes sense to overhaul and replace the whole roofing structure. If you hire us, you can feel confident trusting our experts to perform the roof replacement. Whether it’s a single building or a complex edifice, we’ve thoroughly trained our team in every step of roof replacement to ensure all your roof replacement needs are met and we guarantee peace of mind from job site preparation to complete cleanup.

Multi-family roof inspection
You do not have to wait until your tenants start complaining about roof leaks or see scattered shingles after a storm. If you’re a property manager in CA, you can call us to conduct a roof inspection of your property at any time. This way, you can determine the structural integrity of your multi-family property’s roof.

Multi-family roof maintenance
If you think we only deal with roof repair, replacement, and inspection, you need to think again. We specialize in other roofing services including maintenance. Do not confuse roof repair and maintenance. Our roofing maintenance is about extending the life of your roof and saving you the from costly repairs. Our roof maintenance service entails a thorough assessment of your roof, looking for existing problems while looking out for any common conditions that can afflict any roof type. We also make recommendations on how to preserve the integrity of your roof. Do not wait until it’s too late, get in touch with our friendly customer care personnel today for all your multi-family property needs.
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When it comes to hiring office roofing contractors, you need to look for trained professionals who can do roofing for strips malls, malls, shopping centers, restaurants and office buildings. Whether it’s one leak or multiple ones, you need to take care of them early to prevent significant damage. Roofing specialists ensure you come up with a plan that suits your budget.

They will listen to your concerns and needs so as to prevent disruptions to your daily schedule. Remember water infiltration can be tricky if it occurs in an office setting. For instance, moisture trapped behind insulation and walls can result in a dangerous situation for office workers as well as cause expensive repairs. Water dripping from the ceiling can result in spills or falls, therefore, increasing your insurance rates. The best way is to hire office roofers who will ensure your office electronics and tenants are safe. Another tip is to make sure they use the best materials. Below we look at them.

Roofing Material Options – Retail establishments use several types of architecture, which means they utilize many roofing materials. Each of the elements comes with their advantages and disadvantages. These materials include:
Metal Roofing – It may not be ideal for flat roofs, but it’s the best for low slope roofs. It’s generally of copper, steel or aluminum and is durable. Depending on the design of your roof, you should ask your roofer about this option.
Single Ply Roofing – These roofing membranes or PVC/TPO consist of four elements. They are the adhesive, insulation layer, flashing and a membrane made of rubber or plastic.
Tile Roofing – Ceramic, concrete, slate and terracotta tiles are durable and ensure your roof looks elegant. They are the best option for large homes. Make sure that you ask the roofer about tile roofing for your home.
Asphalt Shingles – It’s the typical roofing material used in the United States since they are affordable. Bear in mind that you may be limited by budget which means this is an option to consider.
Spray Foam – Spray foam gets applied as a liquid. It forms a smooth, continuous and protective barrier around pipes, vents and other protrusions throughout your roof. This foam prevents leakage on your roof, which means that your office electronics and tenants will be safe.
Modified Bitumen – It’s asphalt which has modifiers added on top. This provides a rubber or plastic like property, making it durable. Remember that your roof is an essential investment for you, meaning you should ensure your roofer uses the best material.
Built-Up Roofing – It consists of several layers of material which have been laminated together. They ensure that the chances of leaks are minimized and mean that your roof will serve you better and longer.
Shake -Wood shakes or (cedar shingles/cedar shake) can be made from any wood. They give your roof a classic and natural look with plenty of charm and character.
Hiring roofing contractors should be a smooth experience, so long as you follow the tips and use the information provided. Make sure they ask about the quality materials discussed above and remember to ask for written quotes or estimates. Also, be sure to always ask for insurance and licensing when hiring roofers.
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When setting up an industry you cannot use normal roofs because of the presences of exhausts, residues, and chemicals produced from the manufacturing process. Normal roofs are built up to protect a building from rain, wind, and sun that’s why industrial roofs are specifically set up for industrial purposes. An industrial roof should be well constructed and maintained as it will likely be prone to leaks. Let’s look at what’s industrial roofing and what it requires.

Industrial Roofing Designs
Often, industrial roofing uses low slope or flat roof design. This design uses the following materials

Built up roofing that is made up of multiple layers of materials laminated together.
Singly ply roofing which is comprised of four basic elements including a plastic/rubber ply membrane, insulation layer, adhesive and flashing.
Spray foam that is applied to a liquid and forms a continuous and seamless protective barrier against protrusions through the roof.
Modified bitumen: This is made of asphalt to make plastic and rubber durable.
How to Deal with Roof Failure
Roof failure can be disastrous to an industrial property. It can lead to business disruption resulting in recurring losses. Moreover, a leaking roof can damage assets, inventory, and equipment. For this reason, there is need to have a professional roofer who will not only perform regular maintenance but will also do repairs as and when needed.

The Services the Company Offers
Most industrial buildings are sectioned into small spaces and leased out to tenants. The company recommends good roof maintenance preventing unhappy tenants and business owners. With a wide experience of helping retail property owners, lower instances of business disruptions occur. There is always a concern when making repairs in terms of ensuring your workers and tenants are not disrupted from their daily endeavors. Moreover, the company is quick at responding to any emergencies twenty-four hours a day.

The company provides any roofing requirement for your industrial property. This includes re-roofing, new industrial building roofing installment, and roof maintenance. The services are open to both small and large-scale industrial buildings. There are specialized roofers who offer a solution to any roofing problem you may have. In addition, the company offers a free inspection whenever you call and will deliver an affordable solution. We are proud to be a solution for various industries that have contacted us for help. Whenever you sense a roofing problem, feel free to consult us for an inspection and a solution.

In conclusion, the industrial roof is a very sensitive part of any manufacturing building. In addition, safety measures have to be put in place for business with sensitive operations. For instance in food or semiconductor industries, dirt and dust falling from the roof can cause serious problems. You need a good company to be in charge of the roofing system and maintenance. Signing a contract with such a company is a good idea as can count on them whenever you need help. Dealing with a roofing problem should be efficient to avoid any business disruption.
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At the mention of commercial roofing, what comes to your mind is all types of roof services, including repairs, maintenance as well as re-roofing. The role that commercial roofing plays in the growth and development of society is far too influential to be ignored. Ideally, business roofing is recommended as opposed to doing it yourself due to the availability of adequate material of construction, the presence of necessary skills and knowledge from professionals and the certainty of insurance in case an accident during the process. Below is an example of a highly commendable roofing organization with a quick but, detailed review of the scope of its operations and services.

The type of commercial roofing services offered by A-One Construction
When there is no need to bring down the whole building but only the roof, A-One Construction is the firm that should be at the top of your list. We have a massive amount of experience that we have accumulated during all of the years we have been in business.

It is worth noting that various roofs have very different requirements and needs. Not to worry because A-One Construction offers a vast range of the kinds of shelters ranging from single ply such as Bitumen and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as well as the EPDM just to mention a few.

One of the benefits of having to repair your roof is that the value of the property is will be increased. Heightening the value of the house has positive impacts such as allowing you to sell the house fast for quick and reliable cash.

A-One Construction is capable of covering all types of roofing requirements. Ranging from flat-slope roofs, shake roofs and down the list of low-slopes. There is no limit to the capabilities of our firm. Additionally, both modern, traditional as well as customized roofing services are all part of our daily routine.

Types of Commercial Roofs and Additional Services
These types of roofing systems are the best lightweight cover measures as they are resistant to threats like punctures, harsh weather and corrosive chemicals. The likes of PVO fall in this category.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM)
This type of roofing is designed using rubber and the sole objective is to resist the impacts of the ozone layer as well as rough weather conditions.

Sustainable roofing solutions
Here, the roofs are made to prevent any additional effects on the well-being of the environment and achieve this by not reflecting back UV rays back to the atmosphere.

Metal roofing
They are cardinally made for durability and stability when it comes to resisting the risk that comes with arson or accidental fires.

Modified Bitumen
This is the perfect type of roofing as it is a blend of both traditional and modern preferences of roofing and is resistant to tears and punctures.

Coated Roofs
They are designed to help an existing roof avoid further damages from the sun as well as potential wear and tear that may result from severe weather.
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Due to our continued success and steady, year-around workload, we are looking for EXPERIENCED ROOFERS. Must have experience with single ply. We are looking for honest, hardworking, motivated men. We value hard work, commitment and we are committed to helping you grow!

At A-One, many employees have been with the company for years. Some have started as drivers, laborers, apprentices, and have worked their way up the ranks quickly, becoming Foreman or Superintendent. We love to promote great workers, and here at A-One we will support you and encourage you to achieve your professional goals.

What A-One has to offer:
– Consistent work year around (no matter if it rains or shines, unlike most of our competitors, we are always busy!)
– Great pay
– Overtime and weekend pay
– Referral bonus
– Employee of the year bonus
– Safety training
– Safety gear
– Uniforms
– Advancement opportunities
– Friendly, family atmosphere
– Did we mention steady work year around?

If interested in this career opportunity, please send us your contact number.

You may also call our office at 510-347-5400 to arrange a time to come in our office and fill out an application.

We look forward to hearing from you!

A-One Construction is an established and successful company specializing in owner-occupied, multi-family community reconstruction, roofing and waterproofing services in Northern California with an office located in San Leandro. We are child #3 in a family of five. Our mother company, ADCO Roofing and Waterproofing was established in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA and has completed 1000s of projects.

To learn more about us and our sister companies visit our HOME page.
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Installing green roofs has numerous benefits to private, public, social, and economic sectors, as well as to both local and international environments. Green roofs provide similar functions, but every installation is unique. As such, technical performance depends on the building, climate, region, and type of green roof. Here are some of the general benefits of green roofs.

They minimize stormwater runoff
During heavy rains, runoff may overwhelm stormwater infrastructure, leading to considerable damage to fish habitats and waterways.

Green roof systems retain rainwater and, with the help of plants, return some of this moisture to the atmosphere via transpiration and evaporation.
Any stormwater that manages to leave the roof is slowed and decreased in volume.
The retention of runoff relieves the stress on sewers and stormwater infrastructure.
Decentralized stormwater mitigation enables cost savings that reduce the need to renovate or expand related infrastructure.
They are energy efficient
Green roofs cut back heat flux through the roof, providing significant cost savings as less energy is used for heating or cooling. Trimming the exterior surface of the building envelope is more productive than internal insulation.

During summer, the building is protected from direct solar heat by the green roof.
During winter, heat loss is minimized by extra insulation on the green roof
The resultant energy conservation leads to less greenhouse gas emissions
They improve air quality
Dust particles in the air are trapped by plant leaves, and ambient temperatures are cooled by evapotranspiration

Less heat + reduced ground level ozone = less smog
Decreased urban-heat-island profile
Reduced need for health-care services lead to societal cost savings
They serve as habitat
Rooftops are regarded as undisturbed areas can provide refuge for animals that are struggling to survive. These include ground-nesting birds like Killdeer, which use green roofs to nest and raise their young.

Vegetated rooftop habitats may work as stepping stones, creating corridors that link to other patches in the natural habitat
Natural habitats can work as templates for green roofs meant for biodiversity
Low-maintenance green roofs can provide refuge for species such as ground-nesting birds
Green roofs last longer
Green roofs protect the waterproofing membrane from UV rays and intense temperature fluctuations. As a result, the waterproofing lasts twice as long as with traditional roofing. This means that the lifespan of the membranes below green roofs is twice as long as that of traditional membranes.

Less material waste from re-roofing
Reduced frequent re-roofing, minimum costs over time
Life cycle expenses are competitive
A green roof costs more to install than a conventional roof, but it has a competitive life cycle cost.

They provide ‘extra’ space
Green roofs utilize unused space within our cities. The rooftops can be used for urban agriculture or serve as social/recreational spaces.

Amenity space for meetings, daycare, and recreation
Better aesthetic views of neighbors in adjacent buildings
Enhanced worker creativity and productivity
Potential to improve urban food security via food production and rooftop gardening
Job creation
Since the green roof industry is new in the market, it provides several employment opportunities:

Manufacture and supply of roofing membranes and drainage layers, root repellent layers, irrigation systems, curbs, landscaping cloth, and other specialty items.
Manufacture and supply of substrate, lightweight amendments, and soils, plants
Design and engineering contractors, professionals, and landscapers, as well as companies that supply maintenance contracts.
Additional Benefits
Some of the other benefits of green roofs include:

Helping us prepare and adapt to climate change by addressing the “Urban Heat Island Effect” and improving energy efficiency
Opportunities to recycle compost and aggregate
Providing natural views to hospital patients, thus reducing attention and medication needs
Potential for reduced wastewater/stormwater charges from utility or municipality
New projects can be approved faster
Potential for grants linked to green roofs and energy efficiency
Potential for larger floor area ratio/density bonusing
Potential to satisfy green space/minimum parkland set aside, needs
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When making an investment, it is crucial to get back your return as well as seek long-term benefits from your spending. It is particularly important if you are an industrial or commercial property manager or business owner, specifically in roofing investment. From this end, there are numerous benefits to using a modern roofing system as opposed to an old one. Apart from less maintenance, installing the new roofing system provides more efficient energy savings and it is also more dependable.

When you work with us, we will develop a proper strategy together for installing your modern roof and develop a long-term relationship to support the completion of its service life. This essentially means that we will always be available to maintain your roofing system. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in modern roofing systems. We will stand by you throughout the lifespan of your roof, providing repairs for any damages. We offer the best services when it comes to roof management, and we have several options to suit your roofing needs.

The best part is that installing your new roof also increases your property value significantly. This is because it makes the building look more secure, attractive, and weather tight than when it had the old roofing system. As such, adopting the new roofing system is very beneficial and can actually improve the value of your property.

What Returns Do You Get From Installing a Modern Roofing System?
It is worth noting that installing a modern roofing system is quite expensive so you need to be prepared. It is not an easy decision to make so be prepared to make a budget. However, in the end, the advantages of the new flat roofing system always justify the cost. Eventually, you will find that you are actually saving a lot from your investment. The new roofing system is more durable and more resistant to intense weather elements. It is also less susceptible to leaks, thereby saving you a lot of money on regular maintenance.

Installing a new flat roofing system can go a long way towards increasing your property value when you are considering to sell. Having a modern, long-lasting roofing system is more attractive to prospective buyers, who will definitely appreciate the low maintenance cost that comes with it. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your property, installing a new roof is a great place to start. Some buyers are actually turned off by leaking and poorly-maintained roofs, as they find it inconvenient installing a new roofing system.

Leaking roofs can lead to very expensive repairs. The new roofing system is more durable and reliable than the old roofing system, so it does not make economical sense to stick to something that will cost you a lot of money in the long run. You need to be saving instead of constantly spending. A commercial building is meant to be profitable, and you must save as much as possible to compensate for the initial construction and establishment.

Benefits of a new roofing system
It is important to note that repairing the modern roofing system is much easier than fixing the old system. Not only is it less expensive, but it is also less prone to leaks than the old roofing system. Additionally, it is more energy efficient as it preserves more fresh air during the summer and stops heat loss during winter months.

Switching to the modern roofing system is up to par with green initiatives requirements and bylaws. While it is possible to start a green initiative on the traditional roofing system, it can be very expensive. Starting and establishing the project will cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, the new roofing system is more compatible with a green initiative program and it is relatively cheaper to start. Considering the many benefits involved, installing a new roofing system is one of the best decisions any business owner or property manager can make.
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Of all the damages, the worst outcome is a leaking roof. This is because the leaking roof will always result in untold damage to other parts of your building. In addition, it can cause relentless frustrations so you need to call the roofing contractors. Finding a roofing contractor, however, can be a weary task, especially with today’s common issue of random people posing as professional contractors. So how do you go about to find the right roofing contractors?

Insurance is Necessary
Ensure that the contractor you choose can accommodate the worker’s compensation and liability insurance. In addition, it is important for you to see the certificates. You want to see paperwork before placing an order so you can confirm validity with the insurance carrier. By doing so, you are able to configure various issues such as whether the price fits your budget and whether your service provider is covered for the job you need done.

Choose a confined Contractor
It is important that you consider choosing a local contractor. Typically these companies are well-established and come with a strong reputation in the community. There have been many cases where customers call to complain about numerous matters when they have worked with non-local companies and their problems could not be solved because the company had either closed or vanished. Always know that the more reliable a company is, the less ineffective your warranty can be.

Price Is Not Everything
It is not advisable that you choose a company based on price. Cheap prices usually disadvantage the market in different ways because you get what you pay for. Additionally, those with higher insurance end up with higher pricing to cover such costs. The most crucial thing is always the quality of workmanship and the durability of the materials used. To avoid problems ensure that your company avoids using shoddy materials. This is what usually results in cheap jobs done badly.

Stay Away From Storm Chasers
It is important to pick a roofing contractor through a local referral from a contented customer. You can even call and ask for recommendations. In such cases, many roofers are known to say that you are experiencing storm damage hence you need to sign a letter of intent. The best you can do in such situation, however, is to relax and think about it a minute. This will not only prevent you from being pressured into forceful tactics and will enable you to take your time reviewing potential companies.

Get Job Details in Black And White
During your roofing, it is important that you remain in full control. This is because it is the only way to make certain that the roofers work according to your preferences rather than their own. It is advised that you do not make any payments before the work is completed. Instead, the services should be satisfactory and in line with appropriate terms of payment. It is your duty to ensure this, so both you and the contractors can work together.

Communication Is Important
Is the company of your choice able to return your call and provide good follow through? If yes, then you are on the right track. This is because in most cases, communication is the key to successful business. So, if your contractors are not reliable and do not communicate with you, they are not a good choice for your contract. In such cases, you can decide to speak with the company’s representatives or walk away and find other reliable services.

Choose Roofers That Offer Warranty
Warranties are very important especially for expensive jobs like roofing contracts because they are what clients rely on in terms of the company’s liability. Best warranties cover the contractor’s workmanship allowing the client to hold them accountable for their mistakes. In conclusion, these seven tips will go a long way to help you choose the best roofing contractor. They are sure to save you the aggravation and trials of searching for the best contractor to fix your roof.
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Don’t ever assume the age of your roof. It is important to know how long your roof will last and regular maintenance and inspections are the best way to ensure that you get the most years out of it. Most roofs last for decades providing they have been cared for. You need to make a point to start checking it regularly for damage whether the roof is old or new. It is better to find any damage early on to prevent serious damage and entire roof replacement. Over time untreated damage can affect the structural integrity of the building. Learn about the different roofing materials so that you know the best way to care for your roof.

Know your materials
Most building come with asphalt or composite shingles and these last around 20 years. The premium version can last close to 50 years. If you have fiber cement you can expect it to last close to 25 years and architectural asphalt and cedar shake will last close to 30 years. Some materials can last even longer like metal which will give you between 40 and 80 years. Slate and tile will give you even more years lasting between 80 and 100 years.

Weather damage
All roof materials an potentially be damaged by severe weather. Harsh winds can push shingles out of place or pull them away entirely. Missing shingles or gaps can leave other areas of the roof vulnerable to exposure and damage. Depending on the airflow through your house, winds can create suction and pull materials away. It also causes objects like trees to fall and dent or crack the roof surface.

Hail is a serious weather problem which involves small or large ice balls being thrown forcefully at your house. You can end up with dents and cracks as well as shingles being worn away. Most materials can withstand smaller hailstones but it is a good idea to check your roof completely after any big storm.

Most roof materials can tolerate snow and ice but heavy snowfall can cause cracks. Cracks pose a serious problem because they allow melted snow to seep in and the refreeze and expand. This loosens and moves tiles causing weakness in the roof. The sun also causes cracks and damage because of the strong UV rays. Over time constant exposure can break down materials leaving the roof vulnerable.

Time for repairs
Always check your roof for signs of damage and aging such as curled shingles or any cracks and missing pieces. Check your gutters for granules if you have an asphalt roof and look for punctures and weak spots with slate and tiles. Weakened slate and tiles will also show signs of wear through rough surfaces and flaking.

Don’t forget about your chimney and skylights as these are notorious for rusting and denting which allows water to seep in. Any cracks can be home to mold and moss, so be sure to look thoroughly for that. Wood shake, in particular, is vulnerable to moss because it absorbs water over time which allows mold to grow easily. Always check your roof on the exterior and interior. Go to your attic to look for leaks, staining, and wet spots, using a flashlight when necessary.

If you find damage do not jump to the conclusion that you need to replace your roof. Chances are if you catch the damage in time, there are options for repair that will not be as costly as the replacement. You want to get the damage inspected and evaluated right away. As professionals with vast experience and knowledge, we can assure you that we will provide an accurate assessment and fair estimate for repairs. When it comes to your roof, the most important thing to remember is that regular inspections will add to its overall longevity.
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