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John Lennon  - 
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Flowers, Peace and Love. What more do we want?
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Dennis Redfield originally shared:
My mother was of the sky
My father was of the earth
But I am of the universe
And you know what it's worth
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Very cool. Always good to see that one!
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Dennis Redfield originally shared:
Take 100 vinyl copies of the Beatles White Album;
Digitalize each;
Mix down all 100 tracks;
Post on SoundCloud.
John Lennon would have loved this.
Check this link to read how it was done:
White Album - Side 1 x 100
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Dennis Redfield originally shared:
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Dennis Redfield

Heaven And Earth  - 
It's Mona Bitch! (In Fabulous Las Vegas)
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Dennis Redfield

Heaven And Earth  - 
Mona as a Slot Machine in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada
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Dennis Redfield

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Donovan, The Byrds and Country Joe
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Dennis Redfield

Heaven And Earth  - 
Fish Eye Mona
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The Point Is To Experience, Not To Explain
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