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Salvador Castillo
"Who am I to judge one's perspective?"
"Who am I to judge one's perspective?"
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April 1 - May 25, 2014

EYES GOT IT! year5 or #eyesgotitY5 is a request for help.
I'd love to see Eyes Got It! on TV, with a general public audience (not just art kids and aficionados) watching. That would help fulfill my goal of art education and giving the public a good example of how to talk about art without all the #artjargon.

Before I can get on TV, I need to prove to myself that I can get the work done.
That means paying contributors for their time. Judges will be compensated for their dedicated time to Eyes Got It! and video editors will be compensated for packaging our documentation into viewable episodes.

Producing Youtube/Vimeo episodes will provide the necessary evidence that Eyes Got It! is ready for the small screen.

The #eyesgotitY5 fundraising goal is $4500:

$3000 = an estimated 100 hours (creating 12 five minute webisodes) @ $30/hr
$800 = $200 for each of 4 judges
$200 = venue rental
$180 = 4% IndieGoGo fee (goal achieved)
$140 = website updating and/or venue contingency
$125 = refreshments
$55 = postcards

In exchange for your contribution, I will deliver to you:

Everyone gets a mention on the Thank You page, but;
$5 = Social Media Mayhem
$20 = U so Vine
$50 = sTUMBLR visit
$100 = Partay
$250 = V.eye.P
$500 = S.A.A.D. Bout Route
$1000 = So So Suite

*Stretch Goal #1 Produce SEE WHA'M SAYIN'
*Stretch Goal #2 Restart 'BOUT WHAT I SEES

Help spread the Eye infection, uh I mean, the word.
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