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Andis Kaulins
Crazy Meek Conserative Catholic-wanabee Latvian Chinese English teacher blogger Expat
Crazy Meek Conserative Catholic-wanabee Latvian Chinese English teacher blogger Expat

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April 2017 Notes
For Qing Ming Festival Day, we drove
out to Jenny's hometown. We spent more time getting to and from her
hometown then actually visiting with her parents. The traffic was
horrible. What would in theory be a 70 minute drive took us 150
minutes. The sourc...

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January 2017 Notes
On the 1 st day of 2017, the
K family went to Hui Ju Mall, perhaps the biggest shopping center in
Wuxi, China. Driving to the mall was fine until we got close to it
and had to spend twenty minutes going down a stretch of road that
normally could be covere...

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What AKIC Read in 2016
According to my
records, I read 97 books this year. The Liturgical Year (Volume 2)
Christmas by Abbot Prosper Gueranger The Hunter (Victor the Assassin
1) by Tom Wood Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor
Dostoyevsky The Liturgical Year (Volume 3)
Christmas 2 by Abb...

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Video that AKIC Watched in 2016
As you will see, I didn't watch that
many movies in 2016. I watched a lot of television series. Most of the movies I did watch were
old. I have rated what I saw using the five
star rating system. Star Wars: The Force Awakens *** Fargo: Season 1 *** Far...

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December 2016 Notes
I opened December 2016 with some bouts
of road rage that occurred as I took my son Tony to his school in the
mornings. One driver didn't put on their turn
signals as they changed lane in front of me. I first tooted my honk
for a long stretch at them follow...

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I have published my July notes.

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AKIC's July 2015 Back in Wuxi Notes
Our flight from Vancouver arrived
in Shanghai Pudong where the airport was dingy and the sky was gray. We took a bus from the airport to
the Wuxi bus station. At the bus station, the taxi stand
was closed so we had to hire a private driver to take us hom...

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AKIC's Canada Trip Notes: June 2015 in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Brandon
[Some pre-trip thoughts.] To think that humans
are bad because they go to war is to miss the point entirely about
war.  War is a good thing because humans are so bad. It seems that we are
going to have the indignity of having no one come to meet us at th...
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